Heaven, Marco more than a love team

August 8, 2023 Mario Bautista 404 views


Marco2HEAVEN Peralejo and Marco Gallo both admit that since they did the hit series “The Rain in Espana”, they’ve gotten much closer to each other.

“It cannot be helped,” says Heaven. “Kasi kami lagi ang magkasama, lalo na ngayon na we are promoting our movie, ‘The Ship Show’, together. We do mall tours, personal appearances on TV and we got busy with our movie’s premiere night at SM Megamall.”

So what is the real score between them now? “We don’t want to put a label on it,” says Marco. “Kasi when you put labels on a relationship, magkakaroon na ng expectations, ng do’s and dont’s. So at this point, we just have this something between us and we don’t want to waste it.”

“We also don’t want to be pressured just because fans and the people around us keep on saying na dapat kayo na,” adds Heaven. “Basta as of now, what you see is what you get. We’re open naman, even with what we post on social media. We are not hiding anything.”

Heaven says she doesn’t want to publicize her relationships anymore. “Before, I was very open to the public and it didn’t really do me any good,” she adds. “So you can’t blame me if I’m now more protective of my personal life and I hope people and fans will respect this decision of mine. Basta sa ngayon, I will say that Marco and I are just enjoying each other’s company. We are taking our time and we don’t want to rush ourselves. We’re not going to be a couple just because people are supporting us as a love team.”

“We are taking it real slow as we want to be super sure before anything else,” says Marco. “If, in the long run, we end up with each other, it’s because we are already sure that we are choosing to love each other. Basta sa ngayon, we’re more than just a love team, we have a deep appreciation of each other’s company.”

“There’s a lot of things to appreciate in Marco,” says Heaven. “He’s very thoughtful. He loves cooking and one time, he said he cooked something for me and it was raining very hard. He delivered the food himself. Sumakay siya sa Angkas kahit umuulan, mai-deliver lang yung food for me. Ang sweet, di ba? I really appreciate that.”

They’re happy that the feedback on their first movie together as a love team, “The Ship Show”, is very favorable. Viewers say it’s apparent on the big screen that they are really “so bagay” to each other.

The movie is about a reality show that is meant to discover the next big love team. Marco as Araw and Heaven as Chia are paired with each other. The problem is that they are poles apart as Araw is an introvert and is so quiet, while Chia is a bubbly extrovert who makes friends with everyone. So how will their team be able to compete with the five other love teams being introduced in the movie?

“When you watch the movie, you’d think ang dali-dali lang ng ginawa namin,” says Marco. “But the truth is I had some difficulty with my scenes. There’s one demanding scene that I couldn’t deliver and I was having a bout of anxiety. I just couldn’t summon the right emotions. It’s good Heaven is there to assure me that I could do it. She had a one-on-one with me and, with her help, she motivated me well and I was able to pull it through, so I succeeded in pulling it off, thanks to her acting like my personal coach.”

“The Ship Show” is a well-acted romantic film that will surely make you fall in love all over again. It opens in theatres nationwide this Wednesday, August 9.