Education reforms

December 26, 2022 People's Tonight 673 views

PEOPLE now get this feeling that President Marcos’ administration will succeed in improving the quality of Philippine education, particularly in public schools.

Without doubt, we need quality education to help this impoverished country and the younger generation of Filipinos in the highly-competitive world of business and other fields.

That’s why we commend the Department of Education (DepEd) for coming up with various measures and programs aimed at addressing the problems confronting the education sector.

In 2022, DepEd, headed by Vice President Sara Z. Duterte, hired a total of 11,580 teachers and created some 5,000 administrative officer items, said DepEd in a press statement.

In the view of education observers, the creation of these much-needed items would go a way in unburdening the country’s public school teachers with administrative l oads.

During the last 12 months, DepEd also granted graduate scholarships to 15,331 teachers and school leaders. Others, 17,636, were trained in early-graduate language literacy.

DepEd said 161,700 teachers completed the National Educators Academy of the Philippines-subsidized teaching courses, while 31,700 mentors underwent teacher induction program.

Likewise, DepEd crafted the national learning recovery plan to guide regions, divisions and schools to address learning deficiencies due to pandemic-related disruptions.

Since he assumed the top political post of the land, President Marcos has been stressing, in his speeches, the importance of supporting the country’s public school teachers.

In introducing drastic reforms and changes, DepEd is on track addressing the many problems confronting the country’s public schools not only in the metropolis but elsewhere.