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PNP-HPG seizes more wang-wangs

April 30, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 101 views

PNPTHE Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has seized large volumes of illegal sirens, blinkers and other unauthorized devices in motor vehicles.

According to PNP-HPG director Brigadier General Alan M. Nazarro, from March 25 to last April 27, PNP-HPG operatives across the country have confiscated more than 2,200 blinkers and more than 20 sirens and prohibited horns, 105 horns, 1,280 LED lamps, 6 strobe lights, 229 fog lights, 358 blinkers and 152 blinkers.

Of the 12 sirens confiscated, 3 are from Mimaropa, 2 each from Regions 3, 4-A, 6 and 7 and 1 from Region 1.

Of the 358 blinkers confiscated, 88 are from Region 4-A; 79 from Region 5; 44 from Region 6; 39 from Region 2; 35 from Region 1; 31 from Region 7; 19 from Region 10; 12 from the National Capital Region; 11 from Region 8; 10 from Region 12; 8 from Region 11 and 13; 6 from Region 4-B; and 4 from Region 5.

Owners of the prohibited devices were issued corresponding receipts and citation tickets.

When he was still the PNP-HPG director, PNP chief Gen. Francisco Marbil became known for ordering the strict enforcement of Presidential Decree 96 which led to the apprehension of dozens of violators, some of them local government officials and even his classmates using these gadgets on their private vehicles.

Amid the directive of President Marcos Jr., Nazarro said they will continue to enforce the law ‘without fear of favor’ and are going after violators regardless of their rank and stature in society.

Last April 11, the Commander-in-Chief prohibited government officials and personnel from using sirens, blinkers, and other similar signaling devices which he said were causing traffic disruptions.

It was PBBM’s late father, Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who issued PD 96 on January 13, 1973.

The order declared as unlawful the use of sirens, bells, horns, whistles or similar gadgets that emit exceptionally loud or startling sound, including dome lights, blinkers and other similar signaling or flashing devices.

PD 96 ordered the immediate confiscation of the unauthorized devices and in cases of a second and subsequent offenses, the offender shall suffer the penalty of at least 6-month imprisonment and/or a fine of P600.

Repeat offenders face revocation of their driver’s license but those who will be found to have been issued a Temporary Operator’s Permit in any stage of offense will be slapped with a P5,000 administrative fine.

TOP serves as a temporary driver’s license until the fine and/or penalty has been settled. It is valid for three days (72 hours) following the citation of the driver.

The Commander-in-Chief has also restricted the use of protocol license plates amid observation that they are being used to wantonly violate traffic rules and regulations including the Metro Manila Development Authority’s number-coding scheme and the bus lane.

PNP spokesperson Colonel Jean S. Fajardo said Gen. Marbil has ordered the PNP-HPG to strictly enforce the presidential instruction in coordination with the MMDA and the Land Transportation Office.

Col. Fajardo maintained that law enforcers and civilians are not authorized to use sirens and blinkers in their private vehicles.