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Readers of this weekly reflection has requested another set of my short vignettes which I have fondly called #kasabihansakamalyan. For instead of reading long narratives for their daily food for thought these “bite size” poems are easy to digest and ponder upon. So here now are some of the popular poetic verses I would like to share:

We FEAR losing our jobs,
Yet we WASTE our work hours in mediocrity.
We FEAR getting sick,
Yet we WASTE our energy on unhealthy living.
We FEAR being out of touch with those we love,
Yet we WASTE precious moments using our phones.
We FEAR being forgotten when we die,
Yet we WASTE our time doing frivolous undertakings
We FEAR not being loved,
Yet we WASTE the breath of life wallowing in hatred.
And we FEAR death itself,
Yet we WASTE our earthly existence on materialism

SUPPLICATE your needs,
But LISTEN to those He sends to help.
SUPPLICATE your hopes and desires,
But LISTEN to the opportunities He gives.
SUPPLICATE your hurts and pains,
But LISTEN to His advice of forgiveness.
SUPPLICATE your problems and challenges,
But LISTEN to his His call to trust Him.
And, SUPPLICATE your spiritual dryness;
But LISTEN to Him, the word made flesh.

The WORLD measures success by its weight in Gold,
LOVE measures success by the people you have touched.
The WORLD measures Charity by the quantity of the services you have offered,
LOVE measures Charity by the quality of lives you have enriched.
The WORLD measures knowledge by the diploma and degree you hold,
LOVE measures knowledge by the dialectical discourse you will leave behind.
The WORLD measures Legacy by your physical and economic contributions you gave society,
LOVE measures Legacy by the memories of those whose lives are much better because of you.
The WORLD measures Justice as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
LOVE measures Justice in Mercy and Compassion.
And the WORLD measures Faith by the spiritual exercises you have accomplished,
LOVE measures Faith by the quality of souls you have brought closer to God.

WISH for a happy family,
But WORK hard to spend quality time with them.
WISH for a good paying job,
But WORK hard for excellence in the workplace.
WISH for a prosperous country,
But WORK hard to vote for the right candidate.
WISH for good grades & latin honors at graduation.
But WORK hard to study and learn.
WISH for good health,
But WORK hard to eat nutritious food & exercise.
And, WISH for eternity with God our Father,
But WORK hard to spiritually enrich your life.
Don’t just WISH, WORK for it!

Our common humanity reminds us …
We step on the same soil,
We breathe the same air,
We drink the same water,
We see the same sun and moon,
We eat the same harvest of the earth,
We marvel at the same beauty of nature,
And we were created by the same God.
Truly there are more things that unite rather than divide us

Work was made for man and not man for work
So Earn a living but take time to rest.
Earn a living but make sure it makes you smile.
Earn a living but don’t sacrifice time for the family
Earn a living but always watch your health
Earn a living but never be mediocre.
Earn a living but refrain from duplicity & corruption.
And, Earn a living but guarantee it brings you closer to God.

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