DITO CME reaches exciting milestones in rapid succession

August 11, 2022 People's Journal 690 views

AS Filipinos fully embrace the digital economy, DITO CME continues to stay the course and work towards enabling a growing number of Filipinos to reap the benefits of a tech-driven lifestyle.

Inspired by the sight of a truly digital and world class Philippines, DITO CME has been hard at work to enhance the way people, communities and businesses connect and transact online through its digitally-focused solutions and innovations.

DITO Telecommunity confident in hitting 12M subscriber growth target in 2022

DITO Telecommunity continues to record a faster subscription uptake with 11 million subscribers as of end-July and has built more than 5,500 towers, well on its way to hitting its targets for 2022.

DITO Telecommunity is just one million subscribers shy of hitting its target of 12 million subscribers in 2022, continuing to record a faster subscription uptake since it commercially launched last March 2021.

It has been an exciting journey for DITO. DITO’s sustained growth trend is a testament to the high-quality services and products offered by the telco, and the growing trust shown by the Filipino people.

LUNA Academy increases portfolio by 71%

In line with its vision of being the ultimate online learning platform for Filipinos, LUNA Academy, a joint venture between DITO CME and CloudSwyft Global Systems, has been focused on partnering with various training and certification providers to expand its offerings.

An estimated total of 100 courses are about to be onboard for the balance year and the portfolio has increased by 71% from having 254 technical courses to 434 technical and non-technical courses.

LUNA Academy has onboarded 6 new course providers: Lean Six Sigma certifications from Yellow to Black Belt by Process Doctors Academy, programs on Adobe, Autodesk, Apple/Swift, and Digital Literacy to name a few by Audentes Technologies Inc., Accounting and Taxation courses by The Life Auditor; and for the mainstream market, upcoming training and review courses on German language by Learn German PH, self-paced classes on Photography, Motion Graphics, Videography, and Web Development by MSTconnect PH and a Self-Mastery workshop by Ron Magsalin who is a Gallup-Certified Strengths coach.

Unalytics offers pioneering technology: Conversational AI and Analytics solutions to a growing number of Philippine enterprises

Unalytics, a business unit of DCME Ventures Inc., is a pioneer in Conversational AI and Analytics solutions in the Philippines. Conversational analytics represents an entirely different approach to analyzing data. It’s data-for-everyone. With no training required and simple, natural voice and messaging commands, this free-form approach to analytics can help break the barriers presented by traditional data analytics tools. All these are done in partnership with Unscrambl whose mission is to fix the last mile problem in an organization’s data pipeline that feeds the business users.

Unscrambl is one of the fastest-growing companies in the AI space, recognized by Gartner as a trailblazer in the space of Data & Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning. Unalytics is already serving a number of enterprise customers that have started adopting this technology.

About DCME

DITO CME Holdings Corporation (DCME) is a holding and investment firm focused on identifying and capitalizing differentiated investment opportunities that will drive the benefits of information and communications technology deeper into various sectors of our economy.

With a vision to empower and enable the digital lifestyle of every Filipino, DCME pursues its mission to connect people to people, transform legacy tools and practices to digital, make human transactions simpler, faster and easier enabled by best-in-class technology.