Direk Joey back on Vivamax via four-part series ‘Secret Campus’

August 18, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 5192 views

This August, Vivamax presents Secret Campus, a four-part mini-series directed by Joey Reyes, where sex, drugs and all sorts of violence involving high school and college students are exposed online.

It stars VMX Heavenly Crush Angela Morena, Vivamax Princess Ataska, VMX Pantaxa Angelica Hart and Vivamax A-lister Azi Acosta.

Lurking on the dark side of the internet is a chat site called “Secret Campus” where anonymous contributors share titillating yet harrowing stories.

Real or fabricated? It’s no big deal. Anyone who frequents this site is prepared to be shocked and entertained, and that’s all that matters.

In the first episode, Azi plays Myra who was raised by her now bedridden aunt. Aunt Rosita wants Myra to quit school to be her personal caregiver. But Myra is determined to graduate and eventually go abroad.

To finance her studies, she hooks up with men she meets online. Her sexcapades are done at home, with Aunt Rosita in the next room.

Myra has a boyfriend (Clifford Pusing as Rommel), and there’s no telling what will happen if he finds out about this.

Episode 2 features Ataska as Andi, a sweet, smart girl from Davao who gets a scholarship in Manila. Feeling lonely with no family or friends around, Andi develops a crush on her professor, Joaquin (Arron Villaflor).

The infatuation turns into obsession and Joaquin gives in to Andi’s seduction. But as soon as he realizes the dangers of their affair, Joaquin decides to end it. Andi resorts to blackmail, but Joaquin’s co-teacher, Irene (CJ Jaravata), hatches a plan to protect him.

Angelica stars as Clea in Episode 3. Coming from a broken family, she lives alone in Manila and supports herself by doing livestream videos until she is enticed into prostitution.

She never wants her boyfriend Ariel (Aerol Carmelo) to know about it, so when her classmate Migo (Jaggy Lejano) discovers her secret, she agrees to have a night with him.

However, Migo brings a friend with him. They rape Clea, and upload compromising photos of her online. Devastated, Clea does something that will haunt her rapists forever.

Angela plays Eunice in Episode 4. Eunice finds it hard to adjust to college life in Manila and so she keeps to herself. As she eats alone near the ladies’ room, she catches campus queen bee Hayley (Armina Alegre) having sex in a cubicle. Eunice vows to keep it a secret, but Hayley doesn’t trust her. To ensure her silence, Hayley and her boyfriend Clyde (Victor Relosa) connive with two guys to molest Eunice and take a video.

What she doesn’t anticipate is Eunice’s ability to render a brutal revenge.

Catch Secret Campus’ four episodes on Vivamax starting August 27.