US Air Force Officer Pulled into UFO By Serpentine Arm In New Mexico Desert In 1956

September 8, 2023 People's Tonight 227 views

By Vicky Verma 

In 1956, a US Air Force sergeant was abducted by the flying saucer that dragged him inside the object. After that, his mutilated body was found in the desert of New Mexico. It is one of the most bizarre cases of human m*tilation linked to UFOs. This most shocking incident involved Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette and Major William Cunningham who went out in the search of the scattered debris of the testing missile at White Sands Missile Test Range in the desert near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Holloman1Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico

As they reached the crashed site and began their search, Major Cunningham heard a loud scream of Lovette in terror. He ran to check on him in no time, but what he saw next was a grisly view.

At first, he thought that Lovette was bitten by a snake, so he crossed the sand mound to help his partner, but it was the most shocking encounter with extra-terrestrials.

Cunningham saw a metallic flying object, hovering 15-20 feet over Lovette, and a long serpentine arm was wrapped around his leg, dragged him inside the ship. The object rose up in the sky and took the man away from the base. During this horrifying abduction, Cunningham was standing still in fear and could move only after his partner had been carried away.

SandWhite Sands in New Mexico Desert Image credit: Photographer Navid Baraty

He contacted Missle control on the radio and explained to them everything that he had seen. Besides, they noticed an unknown radar signal that was moving rapidly. Soldiers and the security team arrived at the place where the incident had happened. They sent the surprised and shocked Cunningham to the hospital for investigation and medical check-up. When he told them about the abduction, a huge investigation began that continued for the next 3 days, but no sign of the missing person was found.

This led to suspicion on Cunningham for his unbelievable story, and he was detained for Lovette’s disappearance. But on the third day, the body of Lovette was found 10 miles from the site of the alleged abduction. His corpse was in a horrific condition, and there was no clothing on it.

NewspaperNewspaper clipping about the animal mutation from the FBI documents

Lovette’s body had been terribly mu-tilated, and not a single drop of blood was left in his body. His tongue had been cut from the lower end, his eyes were missing, and also there was no anus.

According to the medical report of the Air Force, his gen-itals and other organs were neatly removed by surgery. The medical experts were completely shocked, knowing that although his blood was drained from his body, his death did not happen because of vascular collapse which usually happens while bleeding.

Lovette-Cunningham incident was studied by Project Grudge that had been initiated by the US Air Force after World War II for the investigation of unidentified flying objects. It was later followed by the Project Blue Book. This case was labeled as “Project Grudge Report 13,” which contained information in 600-pages documents.

SSScreenshot from the Project Bluebook series

But there is no official information on the case and obviously, the US government denied the existence of any such news. All the information obtained into the case came from the personal notes of William English, who was the captain of the US Army’s Special Forces.

English claimed that he had been asked to analyze the document posted at a former Royal Air Force base in Chicksands, England.

According to a book entitled “Military Encounters With Extraterrestrials: The Real War of the Worlds,” English described everything that he had read in Report 13 in two audio cassettes. He also discussed his findings in a Colorado radio broadcast in 1991.

Whether the 1956 alien abduction and human mu-tilation case of the US army officer was true or not, it shed light on many other mu-tilation cases that happened in the past and present.