Two Viva rising stars topbill ‘X-deal 2’

March 12, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 3643 views

RobTo enjoy life’s great experiences and surprises, we must take risks and make silly decisions now and then, as they say, YOLO — you only live once, but to what extent would we push ourselves for these so-called experiences?

Will we ever know if we have reached our limits?

Witness how a playful dare and a reckless bargain forever change the lives of three people in X-deal 2, a Vivamax Original Movie premiering on March 25.

A young couple, Peter (Josef Elizalde) and Violet (Rob Guinto,) visit a resort island for a pictorial with a client.

While on the island, they chance upon Olivia (Angela Morena), Peter’s ex. Meeting her again, Peter believes that they could finally have that “closure.”

A crazy deal forms when Violet suggests that Peter spend time with Olivia and even have that closure sex.

In exchange, Violet also offers herself to Olivia, knowing that Olivia likes her. And so the three of them engage in swap sex.

The lead stars of X-deal 2 are two of Viva’s rising stars: Rob, a sexy social media influencer who starred in other Vivamax Originals like Siklo and Boy Bastos; and Angela, who was part of the 2021 comedy film, Sanggano, Sanggago’t Sanggwapo Part 2: Aussie! Aussie! O Sige!

Also starring in this film is Josef. Known for his supporting roles in hit movies like Ulan, Hindi Tayo Pwede and Just a Stranger, now is his turn to be the lead star and have two gorgeous leading ladies by his side.

X-deal 2 is a sequel to Lawrence Fajardo’s 2011 film, but with a completely different set of characters and story.

What connects the two films is the premise of bargaining and exchanging partners for pleasure.

Lawrence Fajardo recently directed the Pinoy adaptation of A Hard Day, an official entry to Metro Manila Film Festival, and other steamy Vivamax Original titles Mahjong Nights, Reroute and Nerisa.

Catch X-deal 2, exclusively streaming on Vivamax, starting March 25.