Richard open to playing gay

July 4, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 323 views

RICHARD Gutierrez is open to do out-of-the box roles. A gay role is welcome but should not be the swishy type.

It would be in the mold of ‘Philadelphia’ where the gay couple were played by Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas. Would he be amenable to do a kissing scene which Jake Cuenca and Sean de Guzman passionately did in My Father, Myself?’ Of course, we all know that his brother Raymond has declared his being a member of the LGBTQ community, and it won’t be hard for him to ask for tips from him on how to do it effectively.

A series about whirlwind romance and love uncertainties

‘KUNG Hindi LKang Tayo Sumuko’ is a new mini series which deals with relationship between three couples which everyone can relate to.

Directed by Carlo Catu and based on the bestselling book by Marcelo Santos lll, the series stars: Coleen Garcia, Carlo Aquino, Ryza Cenon, Jerome Ponce, Rhen Escano, Kiko Estrada, Andrea Del Rosario, Jeric Raval, Maricel Morales, Jojo Abellana, Jourdanne Castillo, and Andrew Muhlach.

In wedding vows, we make promises of love to keep our partners and make the relationship strong.

But sometimes, before we can even make these promises, we fall short and face uncertainties that make us question the relationship that we’re in. Then we realize that in some cases, maybe loving someone also means letting them go.

From the author of “Para Sa Hopeless Romantic” and “Para Sa Broken Hearted” – Marcelo Santos III. A heart-wrenching series that will teach us about love and when to give it a second or even a third chance. Kung Hindi Lang Tayo Sumuko, streaming exclusively on Viva One soon.

A couple’s relationship is on the rocks just weeks before they face each other at the altar and vow to spend a lifetime together.

Allie (Coleen Garcia) and Benedict (Carlo Aquino) met through a whirlwind romance and managed to stay strong and keep their relationship.

Things look promising for the couple, but as they prepare for their wedding, the buried cracks and flaws of their relationship start to resurface and make them rethink their decision.

Allie and Benedict also stumble on close friends facing relationship problems, which brings more confusion to the struggling couple. Georgina (Rhen Escaño) and Mark (Jerome Ponce) are in an LDR situation (long-distance relationship) and are slowly drifting apart. Sandy (Ryza Cenon) and Derrick (Kiko Estrada) are a married couple who has problems with infidelity and a broken ego.

Produced by Studio Viva, Kung Hindi Lang Tayo Sumuko is a series directed by Carlo Catu. With a star-studded cast of today’s best dramatic actors and actresses – Coleen Garcia, Carlo Aquino, Ryza Cenon, Kiko Estrada, Rhen Escaño, and Jerome Ponce. Watch out for the unexpected twists which the new series offers Kung Hindi Lang Tayo Sumuko streams exclusively on Viva One soon.

Cong. Arjo is a guy Maine should really bring home to her mother

ArjoWEDDING bells will ring for Quezon City Congressman Arjo Atayde and fiancee

Maine Mendoza who will tie the knot this July. Theirs is not a whirlwind romance. Everything was planned starting with the traditional pamanhikan. Indeed he is the guy any girl would bring to home to her mother. Our congrats to Arjo and Maine. By REMY UMEREZ.