PNP supports mandatory military service for Pinoys

January 21, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 139 views

THE Philippine National Police yesterday expressed full support to initiatives to require all Filipino citizens of legal age to undergo mandatory military service.

According to PNP spokesperson, Brigadier General Roderick Augustus B. Alba, the PNP headed by General Dionardo B. Carlos is 100 percent behind initiatives to establish a national program of mandatory military service for all citizens.

“Optional service thru the NSTP and ROTC may not be enough to fully comply with the requirements of complete citizen military training that can only be achieved thru mandatory military service,” he said.

“With a strong and capable military reserve force that can be mobilized for contingencies and emergencies, the Armed Forces can focus better on its external defense role while the PNP takes on the mandate of internal security, law enforcement, and public safety,” he added.

Once a law is passed making it mandatory for all citizens to undergo military service, the country will have a ready standby force of civilians that will be of great help in responding to calamities and other disasters that may hit the country including search-and-rescue and relief and rehabilitation operations being undertaken by the PNP, the AFP, and other government agencies in time of powerful typhoons, landslides and other man-made and natural disasters.

“With a strong mass base of able-bodied citizens trained in the basics of discipline, love of country, disaster response, and practical life-saving skills, our country can better cope with the perennial natural emergencies that are already part of our geo landscape,” said Alba.