Imee Marcos

Not so fast — Imee

August 14, 2022 Camille P. Balagtas 131 views

Sugar out, onion in?

“Tama na, buking na! Hindi na kami magpapaloko.”

These were the strong words of Senator Imee Marcos as she revealed the foiled attempt to import sugar under dubious authority that forced the resignation of a top Agriculture official has been diverted to onions.

Senator Marcos renewed her tirade against the Department of Agriculture (DA) over the weekend, this time for the agency’s plan to import white onions due to an alleged shortage in supply and those behind the alleged smuggling activities in the government.

“Let this serve as a fair warning to all concerned. We are aware of the modus operandi going on. It is the same old story. Paulit-ulit na lang, eh. First they smuggle. Then they create a shortage, and produce a legitimate import permit,” the senator said.

“By next week, I have no doubt smuggled onions will flood the market covered by a legitimate importation order of gargantuan proportions,” Imee added.

Senator Marcos is unconvinced of a local shortage of white onions because the DA has not presented inventories of the crop vis-a-vis its planting and harvest season.

“The DA was urged to assess white onion shortage, as it was asked on sugar and porcine PAP (processed animal protein) shortages.

“Again, no data could be presented, just blanket claims that wala po talagang laman ang bodegang pinuntahan namin,” Imee said.