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New NCRPO chief to men: Leave air- conditioned offices, interact with people

July 9, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 367 views

NCRPOLEAVE your air-conditioned offices and interact with the people you sworn to serve and protect.

This is the marching order by Brigadier General Jose Melencio C. Nartatez Jr. to all Metro Manila chiefs of police (COPs) and station commanders as he assumed leadership of the National Capital Region Police Office last Friday vice Major Gen. Edgar Alan O. Okubo.

According to the new NCRPO chief, a member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Tanglaw-Diwa’ Class of 1992, NCRPO COPs and station commanders should get out of their air-conditioned offices and interact with the communities to establish good rapport with the people.

“Baka mamaya nandoon lang sa opisina, maputi na sila. Nasa aircon, papaano sila makaka-engage?, he asked.

The incoming Police Major General knows his job like the back of his hand.

“In far-flung areas of the country, residents call the police whenever they need government help.

I know that when I was still a young Lieutenant until I became a Lieutenant Colonel: people call the police if they have no one to turn to.

This is the very reason why we should enhance our community engagement.

How can we communicate with the people without it. They might even turn to be our enemies,” Brig. Gen. Nartatez said.

The official said he will also review the existing NCRPO security preparations specifically for the forthcoming State-of-the-Nation-Address by President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ R. Marcos Jr. on July 24.

Philippine National Police chief General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr. last Friday led the turnover of command between Okubo and Nartatez at the NCRPO headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City.

Acorda expressed his gratitude to Okubo for his commitment, dedication and exceptional leadership during his tenure as Metro Manila police chief.

Under Okubo, the NCRPO made remarkable progress in maintaining peace and order, ensuring the safety of communities and combating crimes in the metropolis.

Acorda said that Okubo’s tenure was characterized by his tireless pursuit of justice, steadfast loyalty to the organization and devotion to the service of the country and its people.

His strong sense of duty and passion for upholding the law served as the guiding force behind NCRPO’s numerous accomplishments, he added..

Acorda highlighted Okubo’s emphasis on organizational goals over personal ambition even as he reminded everyone that as law enforcement officers, their purpose was not to protect and serve themselves but to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

“As we bid Godspeed Okubo, let us not forget the valuable lessons he imparted upon us.

His legacy serves as a reminder that loyalty to the organization and its principles should always take precedence over personal ambition.

It is this loyalty that keeps us united, driven and focused on the greater good,” Acorda said.

The PNP chief welcomed the entry of Nartatez’ to the NCRPO and pledged full support to the latter.

He expressed confidence in Nartatez’s ability to lead the NCRPO with distinction, urging him to continue fostering a culture of loyalty, unity and selflessness within the organization.

He emphasized the importance of remaining steadfast in their commitment to serving the country and its people.

He reminded the new NCRPO chief that as law enforcement officers, they were entrusted with the noble task of safeguarding communities and upholding the principles of justice and equality.

He also urged Nartatez to prioritize organizational goals over personal interests.

“Let us remember that our purpose is not merely to advance our own careers, but to work together towards the betterment of society.

By placing the interests of our country and its people at the forefront of your leadership, you will inspire others to do the same,” he said.

Who is Nartatez?

The former PNP Director for Intelligence has been known as an official with a proven combat track record and integrity, qualities that will make his ancestor, Gabriela Silang, proud in heaven.

Designated as the head of the PNP Directorate for Comptrollership last April 20 before being transferred to the PNP-DI, Nartatez has the distinction of being the last member of PMA Class 1992 who will retire from the police force on March 19, 2027.

Nartatez traces his roots from the descendants of Maria Josefa Gabriela Cariño de Silang or ‘Gabriela Silang, a military leader best known for her role as the female leader of the Ilocano independence movement from Spain.

The official was born in Santa, Ilocos Sur and traces his genealogy from the line of the martyred Gabriela Silang.

He spent his formative years in Metro Manila, excelling in his primary and secondary education where he graduated with flying colors.

At 17, he was admitted to Fort del Pilar in 1988 and graduated with distinction as a member of the PMA ‘Tanglaw-Diwa’ Class of 1992.

The official earned a Master in Public Administration degree while in service in the PNP.

Nartatez took over as the Police Regional Office 4-A director in Calabarzon region on August 8, 2022.

To many of his peers, colleagues and subordinates, he personifies the ideal police officer, one with a well-rounded career in the service, having an extensive experience in all his command, staff and field assignments.

The official is also an experienced diving supervisor and a graduate of courses in crisis response, critical incident management, intelligence, basic airborne, underwater operation and urban counter-revolutionary warfare courses.

In August 2002, he returned to Calabarzon region, which is a familiar territory to him since he previously served as Intelligence and Investigation Officer of the Laguna Police Provincial Office from 2004 to 2006.

As a young lieutenant, Brig. Gen. Nartatez’s ‘baptism of fire’ happened when he was assigned in Quezon and Laguna, Western Mindanao, particularly in Basilan, Sultan and Tawi-Tawi areas and later in Negros Island.

It was in Negros where he spent the first five years of his career as an officer of the elite PNP Special Action Force.

It was while assigned with at the PNP-SAF where he got his training for the rigors of the police service.

He was once commanding officer of the PNP-SAF’s 3rd Special Action Battalion stationed in Isabela City in Basilan in 1993.

The strong career foundation he built in the PNP-SAF would later qualify him for positions in the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force, where he served under former PNP chief and former Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ M. Lacson.

He also became chief of the Sta. Cruz Municipal Police Station in Zambales and company commander of the 314th Provincial Mobile Group of the Zambales Police Provincial Office.

Nartatez also previously served as Deputy Chief of the PNP-CIDG Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit; was once chief of the CIDG Special Reaction Unit and chief of the CIDG Southern Metro Manila Field Office and its Major Crime Investigation Unit.

He also worked in higher officers and in several support units starting with the PTCFOR (Permit-to-Carry-Firearms-Outside-of-Residence) Secretariat

He was once a Budget Officer of the PNP Logistics Support Service and served as a Senior Executive Assistant to former PNP Chief General Jesus A. Verzosa.

He was also designated as Comptroller of the Cordillera Police Regional Office before being transferred in 2016 to the Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Office where he served as its provincial director for 27 straight months.

As a leader, he is a firm believer of capacity building through massive infrastructure development.

The tangible legacy of his output-oriented leadership is undeniable in all corners of Camp Valentin S. Juan, the headquarters of the Ilocos Norte PPO.

As director of the PNP Finance Service for 21 months, he pioneered innovative intervention in solving administrative and operational dysfunctions of the unit at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

His six-point action plan revolutionized the systems and processes of the PNP-FS by investing in digital technologies With upgraded IT equipment and stronger IT capabilities, the PNP-FS became the most transformed PNP National Support Unit in the PNP organization during the pandemic period.

During his incumbency, the PNP-FS became the 3rd office under his leadership to become ISO-Certified, preceded by PTCFOR in 2010 and the Office of the Chief PNP in 2019.

He also left behind a mark of excellence for his other successors to sustain.

As PNP-FS director, the unit was adjudged as Best National Administrative Support Unit of the Year and received the Best NASU Streamer from President Marcos during the 121st PNP Service Anniversary in August 2022.

Nartatez has been awarded multiple times as Best Junior Officer, Best Staff Officer, Best PCO of the Year and other similar recognitions in almost all of his assignments.

His bold ideas were known to have propelled the unit into a new chapter with contemporary set of safeguards and mindsets.

Set to earn his 2nd-star soon, the 52-year old Nartatez is also known as a dutiful husband, a responsible father to three daughters and two sons, a respectable leader and most importantly, a descendant of a mighty female warrior.