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New COVID-19 infections top 8,000 anew as active cases near 62,000

July 30, 2021 People's Tonight 339 views

CNN Philippines – The country recorded 8,562 new COVID-19 cases – the highest in two months – on Friday, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

It is the highest daily case count following May 28, when infections were above 8,700. Total infections jumped to 1,580,824 with 3.9 percent or 61,920 active cases. It is also the highest active case tally following May 8, when there were over 63,000 currently sick patients.

At least 94 percent of active cases have mild symptoms, 2.1 percent are with severe symptoms, 1.49 percent are in moderate condition, 1.2 percent have no symptoms and 1.2 percent are in critical condition.

The death toll climbed to 27,722 – which is 1.75 percent of the COVID-19 total – after 145 more people died of the disease. The recovery number is 1,491,182 or 94.3 percent of the case count after 2,854 more people were cleared of the coronavirus.

The total excludes data from two laboratories that failed to submit their reports on time, the DOH said. These laboratories contributed an average of 0.5 percent of samples tested and 0.4 percent of positive individuals in the last 14 days.