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Nasugbu residents mull help from House committee on energy

July 25, 2023 People's Tonight 354 views

To help them transfer the electricity services from Batelec to Meralco

NASUGBU Batangas residents representing 70% of the households in the municipality signed a petition letter addressed to the local government of the town requesting for the transfer of electricity services from the Batangas Electric Cooperative (BATELEC I ) to Meralco Corp.

Due to frequent power interruption in the town, often punctuated with voltage fluctuations wreaking havoc on appliances and equipment, both at homes and businesses, the residents banded together and rally behind Nasugbu Mayor Tony Barcelon, urging him to represent them to initiate discussions with Meralco for the transfer.

Complaints on power supply services provided by electric cooperatives in Southern Luzon have been increasing in recent months.

Nasugbu goes the same direction of 10 towns in Laguna, which opposed the granting of franchise renewal of First Laguna Electric Cooperative Inc. (FLECO), in clamoring for a new electricity service provider.

Last month, the mayors of the 10 municipalities of Cavinti, Famy, Kalayaan, Mabitac, Paete, Pagsanjan, Pakil, Pangil, Siniloan and Sta. Maria filed a petition requesting the Congress and Senate not grant another franchise to FLECO.

The Laguna mayors stressed in the petition that FLECO, despite imposing high electricity rate, there is frequent and prolonged brownouts in their towns, resulting in costly disruption of residential and commercial activities and stoppage of the flow of production processes.

Nasugbu has similar sentiments with Laguna Mayors as Mayor Barcelon conveyed the grievances of his constituents to both BATELEC I and relevant government agencies overseeing electric cooperatives.

He called on BATELEC I to collaborate with the LGU to explore viable options of transferring electricity services to Meralco to improve the quality of life of his constituents and efficient local business operations in the municipality.

“This isn’t just about electricity; it’s about uplifting our livelihoods,” one of the residents said.

Nasugbu residents believe their vision of quality electricity services will only come to fruition with the support of their government leaders and the change in power supply provider.

Barcelon said, “Nasugbu stands united, echoing the voice of over 22,000 signatures, demanding nothing short of excellence in electricity services. Together, we urge a transition to Meralco, in our pursuit of quality power for our progressive community.”