More Pinoys want COVID jabs

November 1, 2021 People's Tonight 105 views

THE jobless, farmers, fishermen, laborers and no-work, no pay workers continue to bear the “full brunt” of the crippling coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Certainly, it is safe to say that these Filipinos now want the government, through concerned authorities, to speed up the vaccination of the people against the deadly disease

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March last year, many people, as decreed by the government, have been working from home in various parts of the country.

And today, what’s needed is for the government to ramp up vaccination coverage in line with efforts to achieve herd immunity before the end of the year.

Inoculating majority of the people is the key to returning to normalcy in the Philippines, where the government continues to place high-risk areas under paralyzing lockdowns.

But unlike in the past, people, including the elderly, now want to be vaccinated because of the emergence of deadlier COVID-19 variants, which are also more infectious.

In other words, more and more Filipinos have realized the importance of getting inoculated while there are still no anti-COVID-19 drugs in the market.

“Ang kailangan natin ay magpabakuna at sumunod sa mga health at safety protocol na ini-isyu ng gobyerno para huwag ng kumalat ang nakamamatay na sakit,” said a village official.

Of course, we support the clamor of workers for job security and protection of their rights.

Lalo na’tnandiyan pa rin ang pandemya na nagpapahirap sa mahigit na isang daang milyong Pilipino, kabilang na ang mga mahihirap sa kanayunan at kalungsuran.