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Missing helper found dead in drum

July 4, 2023 Jane Eleda 577 views

A HOUSEMAID who was reported missing was found dead inside a drum at her elderly employers’ home in Cainta, Rizal.

The victim was identified as Maribel Vilma Bacsal, 42.

Bacsal was last seen alive last Thursday.

The victim’s aunt, Ruby, who also works at the same house, told police that she asked their employers, an elderly couple, about Bacsal’s whereabouts. The couple said Bacsal did not report for work.

The aunt, who went on Sunday at their employers house, said she was puzzled upon seeing her niece’ belongings. She immediately sought the help of the police.

Responding lawmen search the area and found the victim inside the drum.

“Dalawang drum na pinagpatong. Pinasok siguro sa loob tapos tinakpan ng isa pang drum. Noong pinasok namin, medyo mahirap buksan. Siguro i-sineal pa noong binuksan nga namin, kita na namin yung paa,” said Maj. Alfonso Saligumba III of the Cainta Police Station in a television interview.

Police are investigating who could be behind the tragic killing of Bacsal as her employers were both old, with one being bed-ridden.