Panfilo Lacson

Lacson: Make COVID vax accessible to all

January 18, 2022 Marlon Purification 303 views

SENATOR Panfilo Lacson on Tuesday stressed that authorities should make sure Covid vaccines are accessible to the public, before clamping down on the “No Vaccination, No Ride” policy with stiff fines and penalties.

Lacson pointed out that the vaccines may not be accessible especially to those without an Internet connection, because they usually entail online registration.

“Ang availability, walang problema. Pero accessibility – kasi hindi lahat may capability mag-apply online,” he said.

Citing a recent study, he said only 52 percent of Filipinos have access to the Internet, while at least 45 percent of the population have not accessed the Internet.

“So kung walang capability ang iba para mag-apply online, problema yan. Kailangan mag-provide ang gobyerno; bukod sa available, ang bakuna kailangan accessible,” Lacson stressed.

Otherwise, he said it would be unfair for Filipinos who do not have access to vaccines to be robbed of their livelihood because they cannot take public transport.

“Kung hindi sapat even for the willing, unfair yata na hindi mo pasasakayin. Hindi pwede mag-commute pero walang enough vaccines ang gobyerno. Ang importante, accessibility and availability,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lacson reiterated the importance of contact tracing in combating the pandemic “Hindi pwede ito i-disregard,” he said.