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Isko to Sara: Get well

October 14, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 470 views

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno said he hopes that Davao Mayor Sara Duterte recovers, after learning that she contracted COVID-19 recently.

Moreno said that he had neither seen nor talked to Mayor Sara so that he merely relayed his ‘get well’ message through a friend.

“I wish her well. I know the feeling of having COVID. I have sent my regards to her and I will pray for her,” Moreno said.

Himself a COVID survivor, Moreno said that it is really hard to get infected. He and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna got the virus and subsequently recovered a week of each other and were treated at the Sta. Ana Hospital under the care of Dr. Grace Padilla, director of the said hospital.

“Wala talagang kinikilalang estado sa buhay ang COVID kaya mag-ingat tayong lahat. I really feel for her and I do hope she recovers,” he added.

Duterte, who had been fully vaccinated, is said to be doing well and had mild symptoms after getting infected with COVID-19 last October 9.

She and her family were placed under isolation while those who have come in close contact with her were duly informed and quarantined.

Don’t lose focus

“Mga kababayan, tibayan ninyo ang inyong mga kalooban. Patatagin ninyo ang inyong mga damdamin. Lahat ng smokescreen gagawin sa atin para lumabo ang paningin natin… kuwidaw, mag-ingat, mag-siyasat, kasi lilituhin tayo mga kababayan”

Thus, Moreno called on the public, as he urged them to never lose their focus on the real issues plaguing the country amid misleading claims related to the upcoming elections in 2022.

Moreno said he remains committed to work together with everyone and anybody towards a better future for our country.

“I did not run because galit ako kung kaninuman. I decided to run to offer my services in my own little way, my experience in managing things and how to work with everyone, with anybody immaterial of their colors,” Moreno stressed.

Running under a platform of unity and open governance, Moreno said what he is offering to the Filipino people is what they have done in Manila that can be replicated in the entire country – specifically how to approach the Covid-19 pandemic, how to continue to invest in our people to uplifting the quality of their lives and how to move on towards development.

“And if I can share this type of attitude, these type of ideas to the entire country, I will be happy to do so. And hopefully bigyan niyo ako ng pagkakataon na yun,” Moreno said.

Moreno also reiterated his commitment to go after criminals and corruption, past and present, under the rule of law.

“Let me assure you again, those who failed us, those who committed crimes, abuse, corruption, they cannot escape the long arm of the law. We’ll go after them under the rule of law,” he said, adding: “Papanagutin natin sila sa mata ng batas, hindi sa kapritso at kapangyarihan lamang ng ng pangulo.

Meanwhile, Moreno also offered an apology to those who might have harbored ill-feelings towards his “real talk” attitude.

“Then again, if I offended you for being honest and true to my dreams and aspirations in life, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I am just being me and real and truth hurts. Real talks matter, results matter,” he said.

He called on the public to verify the claims of all candidates, including him, for them to really assess the real qualities and qualifications of each candidate.

“Question is, where were you when we needed you most? Where were you during those struggling times, when there’s so many uncertainties? Iyan po ang itanong niyo mga kababayan sa mga kandidato natin, katulad ko rin,” he said.

“Sa amin po ni Doc Willie (Ong), may resibo. Sa kanila, ikukuwento pa lang nila at papangarapin pa lang nila. Kami po may resibo, modesty aside, sisiyatin niyo na lang po,” Moreno said.