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Hospicio de San Jose seeks help for wards

April 29, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 480 views

THE Hospicio de San Jose is appealing to kind-hearted individuals to send help for their wards, after the said institution was subjected to a lockdown due to 14 employees and four senior wards testing positive for COVID-19. One of the four senior wards passed away.

It was learned that when this happened, all the employees were made to undergo swab testing and are not allowed to go out.

The Sisters of the Daughters of Charity which supervises the Hospicio, said they need help to care for the 450 elderly and children wards in their institution.

“Hospicio de San Jose, an orphanage under the management of the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity, is presently under lockdown. 14 of their staff and for elders are found to be COVID positive and one of the elders already died. All are now undergoing swab test. They are not allowed to leave Isla Convalecencia. They are running out of food because nobody is donating to them and the sisters are worried about the children and elders,” Hospicio de San Jose said.

It was learned that the orphanage is asking for donations in kind like food, diapers and milk, both for the elderly and for babies.

Those interested to help may get in touch with Sister Marcelita Catarina D.C. at telephone numbers 0908-8650251 and 0945-4818930 or personally bring their donations to the Hospicio de San Jose located at Ayala Bridge in Quiapo, San Miguel, Manila.

They may also contact via e-mail address [email protected] or send their financial donations to BPI, M.H. del Pilar branch, through Hospicio de San Jose account 8103-0986-62; or Metrobank U.N. Avenue, through account number 175-3-17550678-1.

A copy of deposits made may be emailed to Sister Corrie [email protected] so they can be issued official receipts or contact landline number 87342366.