Ghoulish ‘woman in white’ allegedly shouts and swears at tourists

February 14, 2022 People's Tonight 461 views

February 13, 2022

Woman1Would you spend the night at Dead Woman’s Ditch ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Michelle Monique

A beauty spot in Somerset, England is believed to be home to a rather foul-mouthed spook.

Know for their natural splendour and historic landscape, the Quantock Hills have long been a popular destination for hikers, yet hidden away in one unassuming corner of this expansive region lies one site in particular that is less than idyllic.

Known as Dead Woman’s Ditch, this unnerving site has become synonymous with reports of a ghostly presence that has been said to swear relentlessly at anyone foolhardy enough to venture near it.

The site itself is said to be named after Jane Walford – a woman who was murdered by her husband – and some believe that it is her spirit who now haunts the area. (There remains some disagreement over whether or not the site really is named after her as the name is thought to appear on maps which pre-date the murder.)

Ghosthunting couple Christine and Dave Thomas, who have been investigating the site, claim that they have personally heard a disembodied voice telling them to leave.

“There is definitely something there,” said Dave. “My wife has experienced it for a long time.”

Some of the locals have also had their own paranormal experiences.

“When I was about 17 on my way home from work, driving along a cold road, I saw a bright white figure on the side of the road so I slowed down,” said one resident.

“It appeared to be a woman completely dressed in white, old-fashioned clothing.”

“I couldn’t take my eyes off as I drove past. I couldn’t bring myself to turn around to have another look. I just drove home in complete shock.”

To date, no definitive explanation for the phenomena at Dead Woman’s Ditch has ever been found.