Frasco Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco explained the new tagline will be based on “elements that make our Filipino brand distinct all over the world.”

Frasco: New tourism slogan soon

August 11, 2022 Cristina Lee-Pisco 178 views

THE Philippines is expected to have a new national tourism slogan soon to align with Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco’s goal to promote the “Filipino brand” in the tourism industry. This was revealed yesterday by Frasco in an ambush interview after she delivered her speech at the 4th Philippine Tours Operators Association (PHILTOA), Inc. general membership meeting and the formal launching of the 33rd Philippine Travel Mart.

Frasco explained the new tagline will be based on “elements that make our Filipino brand distinct all over the world.”

The new branding campaign would come out once it has been finalized and presented to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., she said.

“[Y]ou can rest assured that this is a matter that we’re taking very seriously and giving due thought taking into consideration also the change in circumstances since the pandemic where people are now in search for substantial and immersive experiences that are anchored on a cultural experience,” she said.

“Of course, the Philippines will always be fun that doesn’t need to be said because it’s true. But beyond that, we are a beautiful country with beautiful people and a wealth of products and destinations and we want the brand to fully encapsulate all of these nuances of our country beyond having fun,” she added.

The current slogan had its merits and successes Frasco said however, “as people and life in general, we must evolve and we must move on, taking into consideration everything that we have been through.”

“So the Philippines will continue to be fun but now also it will have a very substantial approach to its branding campaign,” she said. In a separate interview, Tourism Promotions Board Deputy Chief Operating Officer Charles Bautista said the government is still “in the stage of conceptualization” for the new tagline. “

This isn’t the first time we’ve done it. Looking into our history, our very first campaign was Festival Islands of the Pacific which was way back in the ’70s,” he said. “Now I think we’re in the stage of conceptualization… (Secretary Frasco) has a theme devoted to really making sure that we have all the necessary inputs from stakeholders,” he added.

The country’s current banner “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” was launched in 2012.

Marcos, during his first State of the Nation Address had emphasized the need to strengthen the country’s tourism industry to promote the “Filipino brand.”

The President has said “each brand has a story. As for the Filipino brand, ours is deeply rooted in our rich cultural heritage and the tourism sector plays an invaluable role in the promotion of the Filipino brand.”