‘Fanged Humanoid Aliens’ Approach Boys After UFO Landing

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Aliens1Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan – February 23, 1975 – Between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., two seven-year-old boys named Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata watched a luminous orange UFO approach Kofu, Japan while making a “ticking” sound. It landed on three ball-shaped legs in a nearby vineyard. The object was a domed disc, five meters in diameter and six feet high. The boys got very close to it, and discovered the surface of the object was silver colored and had strange characters embossed on its surface.

A ladder extended out of the craft down to the ground, and a humanoid creature slightly over four feet tall disembarked. It wore a silver uniform and carried something that looked like a gun. His skin was dark brown and he had large pointed ears, but his large head had no facial features: no eyes, nose or mouth. It merely had wrinkles on the “face” and three silvery two-inch long “fangs” where the mouth should be. Both boys could see one more smaller humanoid in the cockpit. The being that had emerged reached out and touched one of the boys, patting him twice on the shoulder and uttering words “like a tape recorder running backwards.” The boy who had been touched sat down, paralyzed either by the touch or fear, but his companion took him on his back and carried him from the vineyard. They then ran to one of the boy’s homes and informed their parents, who could at first see the orange light pulsating in the vineyard. Then it disappeared as they watched. Two concrete posts were found pushed over at the landing site.

Sources: CUFOS files; APRO Bulletin; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1975-10 (A1391), citing Hayashi Ichinan and Yoshihiko Honda

UFOThe following is a detailed description of the incident:

During a 1975 evening, around 7 pm, two young Japanese boys, Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata were roller skating. It was the locality of Hinode Housing Estate in Kamimachi, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. They suddenly noticed a pair of “glittering” orange UFOs flying around in the sky above.

The boys stared as the larger of the two objects broke off and flew toward Mt. Otago. The smaller half slowly descended to the ground, landing amongst the props of a vineyard behind the estate.

The boys later revealed that the strange alien object emitted an odd crackling or “ticking” sound. The excited youngsters quickly removed the skates and charged into the vineyard in order to get a better look at this earthbound object. On moving close, they realized a domed, silver disc. It was approximately 7-feet high and 15-feet in diameter. The craft was perched on “three ball-shaped legs” and had “strange characters” embossed on the metallic surface of its hull. This was the descriptions made by the two children.

While Kawano and Yamahata inspected the craft, they were undoubtedly frightened. A hatch opened and the craft and ladder immediately extended down to the ground. The boys were transfixed to see the fanged humanoids disembark from the ship. The boys, at that moment, noticed another smaller yet similar-looking humanoid, who remained inside the control room.

According to their reports, the first creature was long-armed, almost 4 feet tall. He was clad in a “glowing” or reflective silver uniform. The entity’s skin was described as being dark brown and covered in wrinkles so dense that they obscured any noticeable features; three-inch-long and metal “fangs”.

KidsSuddenly, it turned and placed one of his hands on Yamahata’s shoulder, patting him twice and murmured. To the boys, it sounded “like a tape recorder running backward.” Then, the next moment Yamahata collapsed on the ground, paralyzed. As soon as Yamahata was dropped, Kawano pulled his friend up onto his shoulders. Kawano dragged him from these “fanged humanoids” as swiftly as possible. His courage, in such a situation, was truly commendable.

On returning home, the two boys spoke their stories to their mothers. Their curious and astonished mothers followed them back to the Hinode Housing Estate. They, to their immense shock, admitted seeing an orange light pulsating in the vineyard. This odd light continued for five minutes. Even before the boys could convince their mothers to investigate the strange craft, the UFO launched a strong burst of light, that they were compelled to avert their eyes.

It is important to note that, only Yamahata and Kawano saw the fanged humanoids aliens. Their classmate- 8-year-old, Ichiro Minegishi- also reported he saw a shining object. He claimed to have seen the object flying around Hinode Housing Estate, near Kofu Bypass.

Needless to say, there was a enthusiastic audience that wanted to hear the tales of alien encounters from Kawano and Yamahato, at school. The teachers, of Yamashiro Elementary School, were also eager to hear the stories. The tales soon spread across schools and all educational authorities, in the 21st century. With open-mindedness, they decided to inspect the area for themselves. The school officials gathered around the location, with all the available gear. They immediately noticed that two solid concrete posts had been “pushed over” at the landing site.

The investigation team, also found what was referred to as “landing traces” and a ring pattern in the soil near the broken posts, where the UFO landed. Apart from that, there were various holes in the ground. They were 50-60 centimeters deep, with powdery ash at the center. A high school professor visited the site and took soil samples from the soil for testing. On testing, he found unnaturally high levels of radiation. Further, other professors and researchers confirmed his findings. They were determined that the radiation was from an alien object, which came in contact with the soil. The first professor, who investigated was an expert in radiology, Susumu Maeda.

Following the events, the boys, their parents, and the school headmaster were thoroughly investigated. UFO investigator Masaru Mori claimed that their stories remained very consistent. The authorities of the Civil Aviation Bureau Transportation Ministry claimed that the UFO was nothing but the lights of the YS-II propeller. According to them, the propeller plane often flew at an altitude of thousand meters and was visible through the naked eye.

They made not many comments, about the fanged humanoids, that were seen in the aircraft. In 1982, at the age of 14, both revisited the site. In 2001, they took part in a show where both of them were hypnotized. During their state of hypnosis, they described the same account, they said earlier.

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