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Ex-CIA Officer Encountered With Reptilian Alien; Says Reptilian Race Walking Among Us

July 23, 2023 People's Tonight 523 views

By Vicky Verma 

In 2021, John Ramirez, who spent 25 years in the CIA, came out as a vocal speaker on UAPs and shared truthful insights on the subject that he learned throughout his career. He attained a GS-15 grade, which indicates that he worked for the agency in a relatively senior capacity. He believes that the exploration of consciousness and its connection to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena issue can significantly shape our understanding of the phenomena and their implications on humanity.

In his recent interview with “Into the Wyrde with Holly Wood,” Ramirez discussed various UFO incidents and weighs on the subject a non-human intelligence has been around us for a long time. He refers to the narratives about the Roswell incident and mentions that there were accounts of telepathic communication with survivors of the crash, suggesting a conscious aspect of the phenomenon from the beginning.

Ramirez explained that the CIA had separate divisions focusing on the aerospace and aerodynamic components of UFOs and the life sciences, which encompassed physiology and psychology related to the phenomenon. This indicates the CIA’s interest in exploring consciousness, which later manifested in the remote viewing program: a form of projecting one’s mind to a different location.

He also mentions terms like “psychoenergetics,” telepathy,” and “telekinesis,” alluding to the CIA’s involvement in high-strangeness programs related to consciousness exploration. Ramirez believes that the CIA continues to explore these capabilities to expand human consciousness and enhance human potential.

He emphasizes that consciousness is a crucial aspect of the phenomena, as without it, unidentified sightings would simply be meaningless objects in the sky from unknown origins. In the interview, Ramirez further discusses his beliefs regarding non-human forces and their influence on humanity throughout history.

He acknowledges the depiction of these forces in ancient literature and art as demonic figures but asserts that the current and historical contact with visitors, often labeled as demonic, is not necessarily so. He suggests that there might be Earth forces living with us that have had contact with humans, which some humans have perceived as harmful and unfriendly.

Ramirez refers to the book “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon,” which explores these contacts and the phenomenon known as the skinwalker hitchhiker effect. He notes that the book was approved by the Defense Intelligence Agency as unclassified, indicating that the program and research discussed in the book did occur. He mentions having recently finished reading the book and finds it interesting that it has come up in the conversation.

When asked about the role of non-human intelligence in humanity’s technological progress over the past 50 years, Ramirez suggests looking back at ancient myths and legends as lost human history. He believes that the ancient accounts document instances of contact with non-human intelligence, which he equates to divine beings or divine intelligence. Ramirez says that these beings were here to help humanity, but conflicts among them may have led to differing agendas. He mentions examples like Prometheus bringing fire to humans against the wishes of other gods, drawing parallels to Earth religions and their involvement of divine beings.

“If you look at the Sumerian texts, they knew a lot more about the world than we give them credit for because we look at history so linearly. You know, we think that we are the pinnacle of knowledge and that before us, they didn’t have the knowledge we have now. But what I think happened was that they did have the knowledge. However, that knowledge was lost or suppressed by other humans with agendas. And now, we are rediscovering that knowledge through science. But through that science, we are going to rediscover our connection to the Divine and these non-human intelligences who have been here and want to help us, not destroy ourselves,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez describes his experience and involvement with UFOs and contact experiences. He clarifies that he joined the CIA not specifically to research UFOs, but because he was interested in that type of work and wanted to utilize his training at a higher level. However, during his time at the CIA, he began experiencing frequent contact and communication with beings that he could not see the faces of, but who appeared shrouded in a cloak.

Ramirez mentions having a negative experience where he saw a being described by many as a “reptilian.” He fought with it and had claw marks the following morning. He acknowledges that skeptics and debunkers may dismiss his experiences as self-inflicted wounds, but he asserts that it was a genuine encounter. He also describes seeing a green shroud with sparkles in his bedroom, which made him feel safe and protected, and he was told to go back to sleep.

The interview then shifts to Ramirez’s medical records. He mentions experiencing right nostril nosebleeds, which led him to be examined by CIA doctors. They discovered a surgical incision in his right nostril, despite he had never had any surgery there. His medical records, including information about his CIA operations and required inoculations for foreign countries, are now the property of the CIA. He attempted to request his records but was denied access. He mentions contacting a doctor associated with the intelligence community who may have the clearance to access his medical records.

The interviewer expresses their sympathy for Ramirez’s experiences and mentions shifting gears to a different topic. They ask about Ramirez’s use of the term “scheduled dissemination” in reference to disclosure. Ramirez explains that during his time at the CIA, there was no impetus or motivation to disclose information about UFOs. He mentions the Legacy program that existed since the 1940s and recounts a significant event in 1952 when UFOs were seen over Washington, D.C. This event led to meetings sponsored by the CIA and other government agencies to address the situation.

Ramirez reveals that an officer named Edward Tauss was responsible for a program to disinform the public about UFOs starting in 1952. Movies at that time began portraying scary aliens and the idea of them taking over the Earth and controlling minds. Ramirez mentions a movie called “The Flying Saucer” from 1950, which was the first UFO movie made by Hollywood and credited the authorities in helping making this movie, and the plot ended up being that the saucer was reversed engineered.

He also references the classic film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” from 1951, where a speech in the movie implies that aliens visit Earth because humanity is destroying itself.

Ramirez on Reptilians

Ramirez discusses the topic of reptilians and their alleged involvement in society and governmental structures. Ramirez clarifies that when referring to reptilians, he does not mean actual lizards, but rather individuals with reptilian ancestry who may appear human. He suggests that there may have been various non-human races that aided in humanity’s evolution outside of natural evolution.

Ramirez mentions a slide he presented in an interview with Jay Anderson of Project Unity, where he said that humans may have had advancements and influences from other beings, including reptilian beings. Ramirez shed his view on the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) logos and Reptilian imagery/symbols:

“It’s interesting though, when I look at some of the official logos launched by the NRO, which is the actual secret space program of the US intelligence community, they launch secret spacecraft into orbit and I can say that much, but they use these lizards as part of the logos and I find that very strange. And they’re lizards that are crawling all over the Earth.”

While acknowledging that some people consider these ideas as conspiracy theories, Ramirez suggests paying attention to well-researched books by authors like Joseph Farrell and John W. Warner IV. He mentions Farrell’s works on Antarctica and Warner’s books on the history of early programs and their connection to German searches for Atlantis. Ramirez believes that there are shadow government and deep state entities pulling strings behind the scenes, although he does not specifically identify any individuals.

Previously, Ramirez also stated in an interview with Project Unity that humans are hybrids. According to him, Elizondo is unable to use the word “hybridization,” but the Pentagon employees are counting on him to do so eventually. Elizondo discusses the possibility that non-human intelligence have been in contact with humans for a very long time on the Theories of Everything podcast. This would imply that we have all forgotten about our own past, which would hide the possibility that we are hybrids of humans and extraterrestrials.

Additionally, Ramirez claimed that government is aware of an impending event in 2027 that will reveal something significant, so people are being prepared. He has been stating that there is a presence on Earth (which he refers to as demonic) who are just projecting their own belief systems to make us disbelieve what we believe in.