Eerie Black Triangle Seen Hovering in Sky Over Pakistan for Hours

January 31, 2022 People's Tonight 145 views

January 28, 2022
By Tim Binnall

UFO1An intriguing piece of footage from Pakistan shows what appears to be a black triangular object hovering in the sky and the witness says that it remained in place for hours. The puzzling sighting reportedly occurred on Tuesday evening in the city of Islamabad shortly after Arslan Warraich had landed a drone that he had been operating moments earlier. Looking up at the sky, he was astounded to see the curious object and began filming it with his cell phone.

The fairly long video provides a remarkable perspective on not only the UFO, but also of Warraich’s bewilderment as he can’t help but express his amazement at what is in the sky. “This is unbelievable,” he marveled, arguing that the oddity was neither a drone nor a bird. Amusingly, even though he was observing an unidentified flying object in the sky, Warraich seemed to almost grow bored with the sighting as he muses that “it’s just sitting there, not doing anything. I want it to do something, like whiz by or something.”

Alas, the peculiar object remained stationary for the duration of Warraich’s sighting, which is somewhat amazing in and of itself since he claims that the UFO was visible for at least two hours until the sun was down and it was too dark to see. As for why he didn’t send his drone up to look at the UFO, he lamented that the UAV “had no juice in it or else I could’ve taken some epic footage.” What do you make of the mysterious object that Warraich caught on film? Share your theory at the C2C Facebook page.