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Cyber crime chief warns vs cyber scammers

September 27, 2021 Christian D. Supnad 379 views

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga — A top police official yesterday warned the public not to fall prey to cyber scammers.

Col. Nelvin Ricohermoso, regional chief of the PNP anti-cyber crime group based here, said 18 new complaints are being investigated aside from past cases already filed before his office.

“Think before you click,” said Col. Ricohermoso.

The official said cyber unscrupulous scammers have been raking in millions from their victims since the pandemic started plaguing the country.

“These padala of boxes, money and love scams have become frequent since the emergence of the coronavirus disease due to online transactions,” said the cyber crime chief.

Col. Ricohermoso advised the public not to be hoodwinked by these scammers, adding that “you can easily detect the legitimacy of their online transactions with you if you verify their identities and companies first.”

“In fact, one of the complainants was scammed by almost P10 million by his own foreign girlfriend,“he added.