Charter change

March 22, 2022 People's Tonight 432 views

THE people, including the ordinary citizens across the country, agree that the 35-year-old Philippine Constitution has defects that must be corrected as soon as possible.

That’s why there is really a need for all the presidential, vice presidential and congressional candidates to say whether or not they want to revisit the 1987 Constitution.

Any move to revise the Constitution, which was crafted during the Cory Aquino government, hinges on the grater consideration that amendments should benefit the people.

In other words, proposed charter amendments should not benefit incumbent government officials, particularly those holding key, juicy and powerful positions.

A retired government official said, “Huwag na huwag nating palawigin ang termino ng mga nakaupong opisyal ng gobyerno,” adding, “Ito ang ayaw na ayaw ng mamamayan.”

Many people fear that incumbent government officials may use charter change (Cha-Cha) to extend their terms of office.

Admittedly, in the past, all attempts to review and revise the 1987 Constitution failed because of strong opposition from various sectors, notably the ordinary citizens.

“Kasi takot na takot ang mga mamamayan na baka gusto lang manatili sa puwesto ang mga nakaupong lingkod-bayan,” according to a worried civic leader.

The people ought to oppose any attempt to use charter change to enable public servants to hold on to power for life.

Kaya nga ngayon pa lang ay dapat malaman na ng taumbayan, lalo na yong mga botante, kung ano ang stand ng mga kandidato sa darating na halalan sa isyu ng charter change.