Calling All Celebrities to Wales to Summon UFOs and ETs

October 30, 2021 People's Tonight 165 views

Paul Seaburn October 25, 2021

One of the many reasons Storm Area 51 was a flop may have been because there were very few, if any, celebrities associated with it. A UFO investigator in the UK plans to avoid that issue by inviting nothing but celebrities to a UFO hotspot in North Wales where they can participate in a mass UFO and extraterrestrial summoning and possible communication with ETs. Are ETs as infatuated with pop stars, musicians, influencers, movie stars and the like as much as we terrestrials are? Could this be the start of a galactic Entertainment Weekly?

welsh1Even if you don’t see a UFO, you can’t beat the northern Welsh scenery

“To them and any other celebrities who are getting into this, if they want to get involved they can get in touch with me. I want them to know its genuine, we’re not after money, we want to go out for a couple of nights and hopefully make contact.”

Russ Kellett, a UFO investigator with decades of experience and the founder of British UFO Hunters and UFO UK, tells the Denbighshire Free Press he’s offering to help the many celebrities who have been opining in interviews about their interest in UFOs to come join him in the area around the so-called Welsh Roswell sighting to attempt to commune with ETs. Stars who have expressed an interest in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence include singer Robbie Williams, singer Kim Wilde, McFly singer Tom Fletcher and TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) reality show star Gemma Collins. Collins has said her mother had an encounter with an alien with “dead eyes” aboard a train, and Kellett claims that during his own 1999 abduction experience he was on a ship with Robbie Williams.

If this sounds familiar to those in the U.S., Dr. Steven Greer conducts similar celebrity UFO excursions – Demi Lovato said they had one with Greer in 2020 in Joshua Tree National Park and saw UFOs. Greer provides an app to help the UFO curious, but neither the article in the Denbighshire Free Press nor his website say exactly how or when he and his celebrity posse plan to rustle up the UFOs and ETs. He does mention that he’s about to publish a book about his investigations of the 1974 Berwyn Mountain UFO incident in northern Wales – which declassified government files attribute to coincidental combination of a meteor and an earthquake with the possibility of earthquake lights. It’s a safe bet that’s not Kellett’s explanation.

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“The final documented reports from 2009 record 626 sightings in the UK, including reports made in Anglesey, Flintshire, Wrexham, Gwynedd and Denbighshire. One of the latest reports was in February 2020 at Llansadwrn, Anglesey. A caller reported seeing a “very bright light” in the sky.”

CastleAre ETs attracted to old Welsh castles?

Denbighshire Free Press is referring to recently released UFO files that show an abundance of sightings in northern Wales and says Kellett believes they’re linked to the so-called “Roswelsh Incident.” Kellett says he’s “not after money” – then why invite celebrities instead of the general public and the UFO-curious? This writer is open to the idea that creative people in the arts may be subconsciously more open to extraterrestrial or psychic communications through the right ‘creative’ side of their brains. Perhaps Russ Kellett wants to bring that together to create a bigger brain portal for ETs to communicate through.

One thing is certain – if celebrities see a UFO or ETs, they’ll definitely want the publicity and will go running for the first TV show they can find to spill the alien beans.

We’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say.