Black-Eyed, Blonde-Haired Kids Encountered In Albrighton, UK

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Posted: 11 Feb 2022 05:55 AM PST

Blackeyed1An airman, stationed at RAF Cosford in the UK, encounters a trio of young teens while walking in a village at night. As he discovered, each was dressed the same, with blonde hair and black eyes.

I recently received the following account:

“Hi, I have just read your article on Black-Eyed Kids and it takes me back to 1980 when stationed at RAF Cosford, a UK Air Force base near Birmingham, UK.

I had been in the local village of Albrighton for a few pints, and I grabbed some fish and chips and started to walk the 3 miles or so back. It was dark and nearing 11.30pm. I saw 3 kids in front of me, at about 60 feet away. They came out of the wooded area, and at first, I thought they were a bit young to be out at this time. By what I made of their height, about 12 or 13 years old.

They stood and they waited in a line next to a hedge for me to get close. They were almost robot-like, but what struck me was they were dressed almost alike, hooded coats, grey pants, and black shoes. As I passed them I said “Hiya, want a chip, your out late.” They never replied, but just started following me. I quickened my pace and so did they,

The path I was on is a country road and street lighting was few and far between. As I approached the nearest street light, I turned to get a look at them in case I was going to be mugged and could describe them to the police.

I nearly screamed when I saw that all three had pale complexion, blonde hair and black eyes. It was the black eyes that really struck me as if I was being drawn to them.

The only thing that broke my gaze was car headlights coming my way. As the car got closer I noticed that it was a taxi which I flagged down, got in and left.

I did say to the taxi driver what I had just witnessed, he said that the Albrighton Road was known for its strange activity, but he never heard of kids with black eyes. I was shook up for a few days, even dreaming of them on two occasions. As a footnote RAF Cosford is known for UFO’s as well as alleged storage of US nuclear weapons, which we all know was illegal so it couldn’t have had any.

So that’s my story.

Quick bio: I have been a researcher on the unusual since the early 70’s. Not so active out and about due to being disabled but still enjoy the research side of it. All the best. PN

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