America Possessed! Priest says exorcisms on rise as demons start haunting people via texts

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Monsignor Stephen Rossetti said exorcisms have ‘grown exponentially’ in the past decade as the US is ‘demonically oppressed’ and torn by moral crisis

By Kunal Dey

Updated On : 23:29 PST, Jul 3, 2021

Stephen1Monsignor Stephen Rossetti is a licensed psychologist and research associate professor at Catholic University of America (Saint Luke Institute)

Battling demons is reportedly a regular duty for Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, a Catholic priest who worked in two parishes in the Diocese of Syracuse for five years. He is now based in Washington, DC, and his team reportedly performs up to 20 exorcisms every week.

Speaking to New York Post, 70-year-old Rossetti said exorcisms have “grown exponentially” in the past decade as the United States is “demonically oppressed” and in a moral crisis. “I think this is going to get much worse before it gets better,” he added.


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A licensed psychologist and research associate professor at Catholic University of America, Rossetti speaks of his 13 years of experience dealing with evil in the new book ‘Diary of an American Exorcist. Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil’ (Sophia Institute Press). The book sees Rossetti recount how he’s seen demons at work, with “doors banging, TVs turning on and off spontaneously, dogs howling uncontrollably, victims communicating in ancient languages they never learned,” as per the Post. “There are stunning things that happen that are not humanly possible,” he told the newspaper.

Rossetti recalled one exorcism in which demons manifested themselves as he began to pray. “They were wagging (the possessed woman’s) finger at me and shaking (her) head,” he recalled. “I had been commanding the demons to leave and the response was pretty clear: ‘No!’” The priest, however, proceeded to hold a crucifix inches from her face, chanting, “Ecce crucem Domino: fugite partes adversae” — Latin for “Behold the Cross of the Lord: take flight, you hostile powers.” The woman’s body reportedly began to spasm as the monsignor sprinkled her with holy water. “In an exorcism, the demons are engulfed in a holy torture that we believe is worse than the fires of hell,” Rossetti wrote in his book. “They were writhing in pain.”

Rossetti also recounted a case in which he started prayers of liberation for the “mild demonic possession” of a middle-aged man. “My stomach became instantly nauseated, and the ill-feeling quickly spread to my head and the rest of my body,” the monsignor recalled of the demon’s attack on him as quoted by the Post. “My whole being felt spiritually pummeled throughout the session.”

Another case saw a young woman approach Rossetti after an upside-down cross appeared “burned” into her shoulder. According to the priest, her father was receiving “snarky” text messages from demons. “The texts were a typical demonic rant: ‘She belongs to us,’” Rossetti said, adding that the texts appeared to come from the phone number of the woman. However, an investigation revealed there was no evidence of her having sent the messages, the monsignor insisted.

“By the way, several exorcists have had the same experience, getting texts from demons, and why not?” Rossetti said. “In the past, they messed with electronics — TVs and lights turning off and on by themselves. Now they mess with cellphones.” The woman, he said, had a lot more to worry about than simply receiving demonic text messages. “As a child, the father dedicated her to Satan,” Rossetti said. “If someone is perverted enough to join a satanic cult, to begin with, then it’s not a stretch to imagine them offering their children to their ‘god’.”

After coming of age, the woman embraced the Catholic faith in search of comfort and solace. “The demons did not like that,” Rossetti said. “And they claimed her by burning that cross in her shoulder. So the spiritual battle began.” This purportedly followed a six-month war with Satan, with Rossetti and his team doing everything they could to liberate the distraught woman.

“I claim you for Christ Our Savior by the sign of the Cross,” Rossetti would reportedly recite at each session, prompting the woman to respond, “I belong to Jesus.” Every time she uttered the words, it was allegedly the same horrifying result. “Satan would burn a cross into her (skin) many times until finally he was cast out,” the monsignor recalled. He explained that the crucifixes would disappear after every instance. “Thankfully, this woman has been recently liberated by the power of Christ,” Rossetti revealed. “It was an ugly fight, and I don’t want to go through it again,” he added.