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USA [man]

My name is Terry Bliesiadecki. On Tuesday, July 28, 1998, at 8.30 pm, I was running my sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean, near Maryland Shoals just off Key West, Florida. Suddenly, I and my crew spotted ten orange circles in geometric positions. They stayed for five minutes, disappeared and returned in five minutes. Later, nine orange discs lit up the sky. Next, three orange rings in a triangle formation appeared and then disappeared. Words do not explain the whole situation, their size and how the sky was lighted up. It was awesome.

USA [women]

My name is Phyllis Atwater and I am a writer. On October 5, 1986, I was pursuaded to be taken to Pine Bush, about 60 miles Northwest of New York City, to look for UFOs. I was with two friends and a guide. One night, suddenly, on a small side road between farms we saw an astonishing occurrence. Globes of light were bubbling up from behind trees, then gliding sideways at tree-top height, then either continuing to rise higher or change direction and glide back. All the globes or light balls were large and seemed in no hurry. They would first appear as pure white when hovering above the tree tops, then they would cut loose and turn blood-red. Colors were pure. The lights were steady. After gaining height and moving closer to us, the globes would change color again, this time to green, which made them almost disappear in the black sky. I heard a highpitched whining sound as they got closer to us. When the light globes turned green, other flashing lights were visible all around them and the globes then appeared more triangular in shape. When we tried to move in closer to the lights we were warned off by a local farmer who said it would be dangerous. He said the lights were a regular occurrence in that location. In good conscience I can’t say definitely whether they were or were not UFOs, but I know they were not any kind of aircraft I have ever seen before. I feel the matter deserves serious investigation which it has not received as of yet.

USA [man]

My name is Clarence Hale and I am 64 years old. I live in Childs, Arizona, on the East Verde River between Flagstaff and Phoenix. I have seen hundreds of UFOs. I first sighted one in 1947. I have seen so many I don’t pay them attention anymore, unless it’s something special. I don’t even have to go outside to see them anymore. It’s more a feeling I get, a really warm and kindly feeling. One example I can give you is this: on June 18, 1967, I was awakened by a strong sound similar to the background music of a science fiction television show. I thought someone was telling me to go downstairs. I did so, and looked outside. There, between my house and the next one, I saw a figure wearing a luminous suit. I went outside, and the sound started again. I received a message mentally that said “You have nothing to fear. I will not hurt you, and I know you will not harm me.” I went closer to the figure and heard the sound again. Then I received another mental message, “Danger. I must leave.” I then saw a light or glow in the sky and when I looked down, the stranger had vanished. I truly believe that aliens from outer space are trying to talk to the people on our planet. The strong feeling of love and compassion we get is their way of contacting us. They are trying to make the universe a better place to live – there’s no reason to fear them.

USA [man]

My name is Fred Diamond and I am sheriff of Pasacagoula, Mississippi. On October 11th, 1973, two local men well-known to me, Charles Hickson, 45, and Calvin Parker, 19, staggered into my office at 6 pm in a distressed condition. They reported to me and Detective Tom Huntley that they had been fishing along the Pasagoula River when they sighted a strange silvery craft, about 100 feet long, which descended from above to within 30 feet of them, where it hovered while emitting a blue light. They stated that a hatch in the craft then opened and three gray-looking aliens floated out. The aliens appeared to Hickson and Parker to have wrinkled skin, claw-like hands, and a single slit for an eye. Parker said he then fainted but Hickson stated he was immobilized before being floated aboard the craft, where he was laid face up on a table. A huge electronic eye then examined him from head to toe at close range. The men stated that about twenty minutes later they suddenly found themselves outside the craft once again.

At first we did not believe this statement by Parker and Hickson, for obvious reasons. We continued to interrogate them to try to break down their unlikely story, but they insisted on what they had seen. The first thing they wanted to do was to take a lie-detector test. Charlie appeared badly-shaken. You don’t see a 45 year old man cry unless something terrible has happened. Also, I heard Calvin praying to himself when he thought nobody could hear. In order to investigate their claims further, Detective Huntley and I left Hickson and Parker alone after interrogation, with the tape recorder still running. The two men talked between themselves as follows:

Parker: “I’ve got to get home and get to bed or see a doctor or something.”

Hickson: “I’ve never seen nothin’ like it. I can’t believe it – you can’t make people believe it.”

Parker: “My arms just froze up and I couldn’t move. Just like I’d stepped on a goddamn rattlesnake.”

Hickson: “I know son, I know.”

Parker: “It’s hard to believe…. Oh God, it’s awful… I know there’s a God up there…”

The two men appeared to be ill and were taken to the local hospital. It was suspected they suffered from radiation poisoning. On examination they were found to be free of radiation and well enough to return to their jobs at the local shipyard. I reported the incident to Federal Authorities, for further investigation. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Parker and Hickson are just two country boys, and neither of them has enough imagination to concoct such a tale, or enough guile to carry it off.

USA [man]

My name is John Healey. At the time of making this officially-transcribed statement I was a Detective with the Cleveland PoliceDepartment. I was also a US Army reservist training as a flight medic. The incident occurred when I was traveling on a helicopter with three other reservists, on the evening of October 18,1973, about 10.30 pm. We were halfway between Columbus and Cleveland, near Ashland, when the crew chief saw a red light on the horizon. He asked the pilot if there were any towers around there and was told there were not. As we went along at an altitude of about 3,000 feet, the light seemed to be growing brighter and brighter. It appeared to be on a collision course with us. It kept coming right at us. The pilot had to put our helicopter into a power dive to avoid it.

We were looking right through the windshield watching this thing, and it damn near came to a stop right over us. It just hovered for a while. We all got a very good look at it.

It had a steady red light on its prow. It was cigar-shaped. There were no wings on it. It made no noise, created no air turbulence. It had a green light shining down out of aft end. It shone down and on us, and you could see a definite cone shape, the shape of the green light beam. I’ve seen aircraft from PT-l9s up to C-5As so I know an aircraft when I see one at night. But this thing scared the living hell right out of me. We contacted Mansfield Airport and told them we were almost in a collision with an unidentified flying object operating at 3,000 feet and 600 knots. Mansfield never acknowledged our broadcast. We tried to get ahold of Cleveland Airport and we couldn’t, until the object passed over us. It continued to the West, picked up speed, and we lost it over the horizon.

We never saw it again.

We talked about this sighting all the way back and we just couldn’t dope it out. The thing didn’t have wings but at 3,000 feet you have to have wings to stay aloft. It was a dirigible or a zeppelin because those things don’t move at the speed this thing moved. Clandestine aircraft wouldn’t operate at that speed at that low altitude. All four of us filed official reports.