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United Kingdom

United Kingdom [women]

I live in Bampton, West Swindon, Wiltshire. I reported the following incident at 8.30 pm on October 25,1995. It was witnessed also by my mother who was staying the night with me. Neither of us had been drinking or was under the influence of medication.

At 7.45 I was outside, bringing in the washing off the clothes line, when I observed a single bright light hovering in the far distance. At first I thought it to be a bright star. However, whilst watching this “star” it suddenly moved quickly in a Westerly direction, and the opposite side to the direction appeared to have a red glow. At first I thought it was the local Police helicopter, which often transits along the M4, which is not too far away. Whilst trying to make out the shape of the object, it rapidly changed direction again, flying extremely fast to the East.

It was at this point I called for my mother to come outside and to witness what was happening. When I returned outside, the object was still in the same location, on the horizon to the Northwest of my home. With both of us watching, it then sped to due West before flying to the South, passing above my home. Whilst at that location it appeared to split into two separate sources of white light. The two lights then slowly accelerated to the West before disappearing over the horizon. Again, red light was visible from the trailing side of the objects.

The weather on the night in question was relatively clear, with only light cloud. I reported the incident to the police who then called RAF Lyneham, and was told nothing at all was visible on their radar reports.

United Kingdom [older man]

When I was young I had some very strange experiences which affected my entire life. This was in the 1930s.

In 1935 I had pneumonia, which in those days was a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease. One evening, right at dark, two beings came to the window in an elongated envelope. They and their conveyance were like the Northern Lights. They asked me to go with them, and each took a hand. When they touched me it was like being lightly tickled, very pleasurable. The odd part was that you could see through them, but they were there and we talked without sound.

They took me to a huge pavilion where couples were dancing. My impression was that the males were dressed in black with white trim. The females were dressed the opposite way. There was no ceiling, but crystal s hung above and made music beyond comparison, that sounded to me like wind chimes.

I had three visits to this place in all. On the last visit, a female asked me why I was afraid of the dark. She said to me that both the light and the dark are my benefactors, and they would make them equal. She took a crystal and placed it in the palm of my left hand. For a moment it resembled the Star of David, two triangles, then it melted and ran between my fingers.

After that, my night vision changed. My eyes would adjust quickly so that I could see even when it was pitch black. I recovered quickly from my illness. A few months later, on a camping trip, I found I was the only one awake late at night watching undulating shafts of bright light. The shafts of light began a strange seemingly patterned movement. I was trying to puzzle this out, when suddenly there appeared my transparent envelope and what looked like an oval cylinder. It just seemed correct to get in. In an instant I was inside the pavilion again but the beings were not dancing as before. They seemed to be conversing silently, but not with me. A female asked me to step up on the dais because I was their conductor.

United Kingdom [man]

I am a graphic designer with a good visual memory. What I saw was visually very vivid, but it doesn’t make much sense. However, it may have been the most important thing that ever happened to me. In November 1980, my wife and I were driving North of Dundee when I suddenly saw a cerulean blue light pointing at our car from the sky. After that I have a fragmented memory – we both have a fragmented memory – of some bizarre events. But there are a lot of gaps. Basically, we somehow lost about an hour’s time.

I remember seeing a hairless, tall, man-like being in a blue robe. He was looking at us, inviting us aboard his craft telepathically. His costume struck me as absurd. He was the leader in a blue cape. The cape looked stupid, illogical. He was mentally luring us up to a spacecraft. Somehow the next thing was, we were on board a ship of some kind, being examined, quite painlessly, by another being wearing a yellow robe with ruffled collar, also somehow completely absurd, incongruous. Suddenly the examination process turned nasty. I felt my mind was being forcibly invaded. I had no control. My brain felt like there was a tunnel that goes through my mind to theirs. Our minds are connected. It could have been a tube or a tunnel of light, grey-brown. It was horrible, it pulled everything out of my head. There was a terrible sound, piercing, high-pitched. My thoughts had turned to goo but I could see them, visually. They had my mind but I still had it too. Then it seemed as though I was OK again but I felt completely different mentally. I can’t explain this. But there’s more to it than anyone knows. There’s more to life, more to the world. There’s more to everything than anybody knows. More dimensions, things co-existing. There are many more than three dimensions. Everywhere, it all works together. Everything co-exists. I still can’t explain all these thoughts, where they came from, and so on.

United Kingdom [women]

My name is Hilda Owen, housewife. My husband is a policeman. On the evening of February 12, 1977, I was looking out of my kitchen window when I saw a cigar-shaped object with a domed top that appeared to be drifting silently in and out of the clouds. I drew it in lipstick on the windowpane. It was a very extraordinary sight and difficult to explain. The UFO seemed to appear out of a tongue of flame over Aberffraw Common. At first I thought an aircraft was on fire, but within seconds the flame appeared to form a circle and the domed shape appeared within it. There was no mistaking the shape. It was a craft of some kind, because I could clearly see portholes. It was the colour of the setting sun and about twice the size of the sun as we see it. The shape was still in the sky when my husband arrived home just after midnight but when he went to fetch his binoculars it just vanished.

United Kingdom [women]

I’m a college lecturer and as I don’t wish to commit social suicide, I’ll not give my name. It was late November last year and I had just got home from college. It was already dusk and as my mother prepared to draw the curtains, she drew my attention to something she could see in the darkening sky. I looked out through the window and saw this extraordinary craft just hanging there, low in the sky, motionless and completely silent. It was huge. I mean, it must have been about 100 feet long. It was cylindrically shaped, but rounded at the ends. There were portholes along its entire length, and I could see figures in silver suits moving about inside. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wanted to cry out but couldn’t. I mean, I literally could not speak or move. Neither of us could. It was just as if we were paralysed. We just stood there, watching this thing as it glided slowly across the sky. Then suddenly it was gone. It did not just move off at tremendous speed, I’m certain of that – it just vanished into thin air. And another strange thing was that we seemed to be watching it for only a few minutes or so, yet when I looked at my watch afterwards, I found that a whole hour had gone by.