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Portugal and Brazil

Brazil [man]

I am Antonio da Gacas Santos, Commander of Military Police in Tres Coroãs, South of Rio de Janiero. In February 1980, I rushed over to my neighbour’s house because the back garden was brightly illuminated, as though something was on fire. I then witnessed very clearly a creature about the height of a human being. Its arms were extended and I heard a low whining noise, like a puppy. I couldn’t see details because of the extremely bright light. My neighbour reached out and touched the creature, then fell back as though experiencing an electric shock. I felt afraid, but not a normal fear, more like a sense of awe. I still get goose bumps when I think about the incident.

There seemed to be a fire around the creature, but it didn’t burn anything. We looked up and saw an object hovering overhead, but again, because of the bright light, I could not make out any details. lt seemed as though flashes of light were also exploding in the tree tops. I heard something that sounded like a beating rhythm. Then suddenly, everything went dark and quiet.

I now believe that on other planets in other solar systems there exist forces which can manifest themselves here. I can think of no other explanation for this incident, which was beyond my capacity to observe accurately

Portugal [woman]

My name is Cristina Marto de Pimental. I am a reporter. On New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1997, my husband and I were at a seaside party in Funchal, which is on the South shore of Madeira Island, in the Atlantic Ocean, 912 kilometres East of Morocco. We were watching the New Year’s festivities, all the fireworks in the sky. Then several people at the party called my attention to a red and motionless light above Funchal. The OVNI suddenly made a very tight circle, returned to its initial position, and, a few seconds later, it accelerated at great speed in a vertical direction. We were all quite amazed at the sight. A British couple at the festival videotaped the UFO as it hovered. The next day I telephoned the Fuerzas Aereas Portugeses (FAP) headquarters in Lisboa. The Portuguese air force told me that they’d had no flights, neither planes nor helicopters, and no satellites were over Madeira at that time

Brazil [woman]

Hello. My name is Messias de Oliveira. On February 22, 1997, at 4.58 pm I was walking through the Bairro de Nordexte in Aracagi, João Pessoa, Brazil. As I walked by the Compostagem bus stop, I observed an oval-shaped light, extremely bright, rising into the air, giving the appearance of being hidden behind the bus station. It gave off whitish smoke. At first, I thought it was a teardrop-shaped fireworks display before realising it was far stranger than that. I thought to myself, ‘It’s going to fall”, but the object continued to rise noiselessly into the air. It appeared to be huge and like nothing I had ever seen. I was very afraid.

Brazil [man]

On August 21, I, Roberto Rabelo, saw a huge UFO over the city of Cubatao, São Paulo. When I arrived at my job at the ETA (Water Treatment Station), there were 3 other fellows watching the phenomenom. It was 12.58 am, dawn of August 21, and I looked to the North and there was a UFO at a low altitude. One of the technicians said that it must be a short-circuit in a near energy tower. Then we ascended the tower and realised that thing we were seeing was not ordinary. The UFO was higher than the energy tower. It had a red light on top and 3 others red lights below it, in a triangular shape. The lights did not blink. Seconds later, between the red lights, a lot of flashes, hundreds of white flashes! Then all disappeared, suddenly…

I estimated that the UFO was bigger than a soccer field. Then suddenly once again the UFO appeared, just like the first time, but this time when the flashing lights had turned off, from the UFO another object, like a yellow ball, came out, which flew in the direction of the COSIPA (a food factory). But the big UFO itself was no longer visible.

Again suddenly, for the third time the UFO appeared and this time we were able to see a “shadow” behind it. Something triangular. Finally the UFO moved away in the East direction, passing over the COSIPA factory. All the sighting lasted 20 minutes and was seen by four of us technicians.

Spain and Spanish-speaking South America

Spain [man]

On February 5, 1978, I, Julio Albafuera, a veterinarian in Medinaceli was abducted by alien beings. They also abducted my dog. These beings were tall and Nordic-looking. They took samples of blood, gastric juices and semen.

They told me that their own world is becoming a dark, spoiled place and they want to study our wonderful world before we make a mess of things as they did on their world. I was on their ship but I could not see clearly and I can only remember a few things about the experience. I asked them why they have to do these things to us, and one of them said. “We have to because, as time goes by, mankind will become sterile. They will not be able to produce because of the pollutions of the lands and the waters and the air and the bacteria.” That is how they explained to me why they are taking these specimens, because they are trying to save samples to grow things from in the future. They also told me there are other races of beings who have a different idea, that of reprogramming us entirely and manipulating us genetically.

Puerto Rico [man]

I wish to remain anonymous, because I am a Minister of the Baptist Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and some people might think what I have experienced is against religion. I have had three meetings with humanoid beings from the planet Koshnak, located in the vicinity of the constellation of Orion. Their vehicles can travel in space and can also somehow pass through our planet. These beings appeared to me to have melon-shaped, completely expressionless faces with thin lips, tiny noses and ears, and extremely large eyes without pupils. Their eyes are green with scintillating flashes. The expression in the eyes is intense. They always seem friendly. One of them is called Ohnesto and he is the one who mainly communicates with me. This is a kind of telepathic communication. He tries to explain complicated ideas of time and space to me. He has told me that they travel in the seventh and eighth dimensions which are unknown to earth humans. These beings are aware of thirteen dimensions. Their life span is about 800 to 1000 of our years. They can continue life forever with only one cell of their body. They are beings of other dimensions, of other worlds, but they are not gods.

From time immemorial, teachers of Light came to our planet from other planets, from other systems, even from other galaxies and realms known to us as the non-physical or supernatural realms of existence. Great companies of Light came into incarnation on our planet Earth, carrying with them the message of Truth and Love and Light. I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is one of these beings.

Mexico [man]

My name is Leopoldo Morales and I am an airline pilot. On Saturday, January 3, 1998, at 3 am, I was standing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, a seaside resort on the Bahia de Banderas, 580 kilometres West of Mexico City when I witnessed something very unusual. I should add that I have over 30 years’ flying experience, including 24 years with the airforce and air national guard.

While standing on the beach and looking at the stars with another airline pilot, I observed a reddish-coloured light, which I initially thought was a meteorite, move rapidly from East to West. It was much too quick for a satellite, planet or any of the usual things seen in the night sky. As I pointed out the light to my companion, the object suddenly changed direction by about 135 degrees of turn, very sharply and extraordinarily quickly. The movement defied any laws of flight and physics that I am aware of. The light then made another rapid change of course to a Westerly heading, then disappeared out of sight. I was so startled that I immediately confirmed what I had just seen with my companion. I have never seen any flying craft perform this type of manoeuvre before, and to me this means there are only two possibilities: either there are extremely advanced aircraft of unknown type created by a government that wishes to conceal this new technology from our knowledge, or spaceships from outside our planet really do exist, and I saw one of them.

Chile [man]

Hello. I am Luis Sanchez Perry. I wish to report that January 1998 was a big month for UFO sightings in Chile. I have interviewed witnesses to obtain the following information.

On January 4, 1998, Pablo Marinan and his family spied a UFO over their hometown of Angol, located 400 kilometres South of Santiago de Chile. “The object was 55 degrees above the horizon and Southeast of us”, Pablo reported. “The UFO was oval in shape, a very bright light with a dark structure around it. The object was vibrating. At arm’s length, it was about two centimetres (one inch) long.”

On January 17, 1998, at 9.19 pm, Rodrigo Bravo saw “a very bright white/gold light come from the South at high speed. It stopped in mid-air over Santiago (above the Corrillos section) for about ten seconds, then it shot back to the South from where it came.”

On January 24, 1998, Sergio Rojas and four friends drove out to Tranque Alfalfal dam in El Cajon del Maipo about 40 kilometres Southwest of Santiago. On their way up the mountain to the dam, they saw two balls of light pass over them at a very high speed. After a few seconds, they saw a third one, but it was travelling much slower. Arriving at the dam,Sergio reported that he and his friends left the car and walked to the cliff’s edge. From here they could see the Rio Maipo 100 metres below. Then the witnesses saw a cigar/egg-shaped UFO about 18 metres long coming up the river. It was a bright white colour. They heard a very high-pitched tone that clogged their ears for a while. As the OVNI flew by, the group found themselves covered by “a strange mist, hot and cold at the same time”. They hurried back to the car and drove down the mountain. On their way to San Jose de Maipo, they encountered a UFO that was hovering about 800 metres from them. They stopped the car and got out. The UFO looked like the moon but was slightly smaller and was white-coloured. After five minutes of observation, the UFO faded away like a cloud or smoke.

Bolivia [women]

I have been wanting to tell people about this experience for ten years. Ten years ago this January, in 1989, while hiking high on the Altiplano in Bolivia, I witnessed a dazzling display of bright, laser-like lights shooting up at the sky behind a bluff nearly two miles away. I was with a group of indigenous Quechua-speaking farmers. When I asked them what it was they smiled but refused to tell me anything. After insisting that they should tell me what I was seeing, they explained it came from “up there” – pointing up at the night sky. “Military?”, I asked, knowing that the US were present in Bolivia. The Bolivians shook their heads and just pointed to the sky again. I nervously followed them back to our sleeping quarters a half-hour hike down the bluff we were standing on, in the pitch dark of night. The name of the bluff is Misquipampa, outside of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Uruguay [man]

I am police chief Miguel Costa, in charge of the force at Melo, Uruguay. On March 24th, 1981, I was driving with two friends, Armando and Maria Peça, along a gravel road near Tacuarembo, when a huge oval disc loomed out of the early morning darkness. It was enormous and gleaming, with yellow and orange lights. I stopped the car, and purely on impulse, flashed the headlights. All of a sudden the UFO appeared to hesitate and zig-zag up and back as if answering our call.

When I started up again, it was following us. I again stopped the car and flashed my lights. Again the UFO appeared to waver in reply. We drove on once more along the twisting road, and the UFO stayed with us, always about a half kilometre away. This went on for almost 50 kilometres. That’s when the strangest thing of all occurred.

We were all glued to the windows watching as the disc suddenly shot towards the ground as if it was going to crash. It stopped 50 to 100 metres from the earth, and we could clearly see its round, dome-like shape with a large flat plate underneath. There was a slight ring of cloud around the dome. The top was reddish but the bottom was a brilliant glowing white.

Inexplicably, this new position of the UFO made us all uneasy, so we turned around and headed back to Tacuarembo, the nearest town. The blazing lights of the UFO remained at a constant distance behind us. I pulled in under some trees hoping to evade it. We then observed a second disc travelling some distance behind the first. They never touched but they seemed to be travelling together. They seemed to manoeuvre up and down until clouds started to form. They then passed over the top of the clouds and lit them up like a halo. Then they faded, getting smaller and smaller until they disappeared at dawn. They had been with us for 90 minutes. We were all speechless, as we could not believe what we had witnessed. I myself have never believed in UFOs but I do know that this incident revealed something rare and inexplicable.

Guatemala [man]

It was December 1st, 1999, when me and a couple of dozen people were witnesses to an incredible spectacle in the surroundings of the Temple of the Bi -Headed Serpent, at Tikal.

It was 5 o’clock in the morning and I was in the fourth temple with about 12 people, while the others were in the park nearby. Suddenly the sky lightened up completely when we saw a bright sphere, bigger than the moon and totally white. It crossed the sky from one side to the other and disappeared all of a sudden, leaving a long trace behind itself, a luminous trail in the sky which we could see for about three minutes. Some of us even managed to take photos.