World Slasher Cup set

May 21, 2024 People's Tonight 136 views

THE World Slasher Cup, regarded as the Olympics of Cockfighting, is set to return to the Big Dome on May 22-28 for another round of heart-pounding action.

The second edition of the 2024 World Slasher Cup promises to deliver back-to-back bouts that will surely exhilarate audiences and keep them hanging by the edge of their seats.

The World Slasher Cup Second Edition will most certainly be a thrilling and unforgettable experience for both the participants and their ardent fans.

The action kicks off on May 22 and 23 for the eliminations.

The excitement comes at a fever pitch on May 24 and 25 for the semifinals, where elite cockers would separate themselves from the pack.

A one-day break on May 26 will allow for a quick breather before the bouts resume on May 27 for the pre-finals.

On May 28, the world will meet the new champion or champions that will claim the venerable World Slasher Cup!

“The 2024 World Slasher Cup 2nd Edition will surely thrill and excite audiences wherever they come from in the world,” Irene L. Jose, COO of Uniprom Inc. said.

“The Smart Araneta Coliseum is the place to be for all sabong aficionados as we once again await who’ll come out on top and win the World Slasher Cup.”

Just last February 8, six names dominated the first edition of the 2024 World Slasher Cup. Fiscalizer Sky March 8 Coliseum De Manila (Fiscal Villanueva and Bogs), Goldquest Hagibis LDI (Osang Dela Cruz), Chicken Joy GF (John Gutierrez), For The Love Of The Game (Joe Paneda/Ron Aguado), FBG Luba (Franny/Joy Brillantes/Jonel Daquiz from Abra), and Thunderbird III (Nene Araneta) each scored an 8-1 win-loss record at the end of this competition.

The second edition of this year’s World Slasher Cup is expected to attract a wide array of top cockfighters from all over the world. Some participants will come from California, Florida, Hawaii, Guam, and Australia.

“The world of cockfighting will converge at the Big Dome for the second edition of the 2024 World Slasher Cup. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of all the action,” NAME concluded.

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