Robb ‘directs’ own love scenes with Mark

December 23, 2023 Mario Bautista 347 views

Foursome1ROBB Guinto and Mark Dionisio were the only cast members of the erotic drama, “Foursome”, who showed up at its presscon at Viva Cafe last Thursday. Co-stars Nicco Loco and Armina Alegre, and also their director Gavino Roecha, are said to have left for abroad for the Christmas holidays.

Robb just gave a good performance in a bida-kontrabida role in “Sugar Baby”, where she plays the role of a high class good time girl who is a bad influence to her friend, Azi Acosta, who she convinces to join her as a sugar baby in an exclusive club meant for wealthy men. So what’s her role in “Foursome” this time?

“I play Gina, wife ni Mark Dionisio who plays Dino,” she says. “We used to have a happy and sexually fulfilling marriage but eventually, he suffers from erectile dysfunction and cannot satisfy me anymore. So we go consult a doctor who’s an expert on it, si Nicco Loco, who starts seducing me. At first, I try to resist it and stay faithful to my marriage to Mark, but soon, something happens at naging foursome nga kami along with Nicco’s partner, Armina Alegre.”

So there are scenes where they are shown exchanging partners?

“Yes, this is the most daring film that I did in the ten movies I’ve done for Viva and I tell you, sobrang nakakapagod yung foursome scenes namin.”

Their director is new as “Foursome” is his debut flick. How is it?

“He’s okay. He just lets us do what we want, but when he notices something na hindi niya gusto or needs improvement, he tells us and we talk about it.”

Mark Dionisio butts in at this point. “Actually, si Robb ang nag-choreograph ng aming bedscenes. Kasi ako, naninibago. This is the first lead role ko sa Viva kasi puro support roles ang ginawa ko before in films like ‘An Affair to Forget’ and ‘Alapaap’. So nangangapa ako and I’m glad si Robb ang kapareha ko kasi she really helped me a lot and guided me.”

So how did Robb learn to direct the love scenes? “I’ve done ten films and in each film you do, siempre, may matututuhan ka naman. So minimix-mix ko yung things I’ve learned from the past love scenes I did. We talked about it, along with our director, and we were able to pull it off naman.”

How is it working with Mark for the first time? “Actually, we’ve worked na before in ‘Showroom’ of Direk Carlo Obispo, pero wala kaming love scene. Si Mark dito, parang virgin, kinakabahan daw siya. He did sexy scenes din daw before, but matagal na.”

We ask Mark how different are the sexy flicks today from the ones he did before?

“Marami rin akong ginawang sexy movies noon like ‘Karibal’, ‘Katas’, ‘Kainan’, ‘Langit Mo, Kaligayahan Ko’, pero walang sinabi ang mga yun sa mga ginagawa ngayon. Kasi noon, we’re shown sa sinehan, sa big screen, kaya maraming restrictions, daya-daya lang. But now, shown sa streaming uncut, kaya mas matapang, mas grabe. Iba na ang labanan ngayon.”

Is he ready to make laban? “Yes, now, Viva Artists Agency na mismo ang manager ko, so fight, laban lang. Makikita nyo naman yun sa bedscenes namin dito sa ‘Foursome’ which is now streaming on Vivamax.”