Reforming drug users

August 22, 2021 People's Tonight 432 views

THE key to reforming drug dependents, many of them youngsters, is the establishment of treatment and rehabilitation centers not only in the metropolis but throughout the country.

In fact, well-meaning Filipinos, including the “man on the street,” said that the nationwide war against drug abuse can only gain some meaning if we have enough drug rehabilitation centers.

Aware of this, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” T. Go, a close associate of President Duterte, has called anew for the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 399, which he filed in 2019.

Designed to strengthen the national government’s campaign illegal drugs, including shabu and marijuana, SB No. 399 was filed by Senator Go during the 18th Congress

The proposed piece of legislation aims to support the ongoing drive against the dreaded drug monster, by requiring the setting up of a drug rehabilitation center in every province.

The center shall provide care, treatment and accommodation to drug users. It is also tasked to strenghthen their physical, psychological and social capability to cope with common problems.

Under Senator Go’s SB 399, these treatment and drug rehabilitation centers will also provide after-care, follow-up, and social reintegration services, among others.

Note that one of the priorities of Duterte administration, which ends on June 30, 2022, has been the eradication of the drug abuse problem, along with corruption and criminality.

In the view of many quarters, Congress ought to pass the proposed piece of legislation if we are to transform the drug dependents into highly-productive citizens again.

It’s a move in the right direction.