PRC Philippine Red Cross (PRC) delivered help and relief to Dumagat Tribe affected by diarrhea outbreak.

PRC helps Dumagat Tribe hit by diarrhea after ‘Karding’

October 20, 2022 People's Tonight 268 views

THE Philippine Red Cross (PRC) intensified its actions in public health emergencies as several cases of diarrhea continue to plague the Dumagat community in Tanay, Rizal, after the onslaught of Typhoon Karding (international name: Noru) on September 25, 2022.

On October 8, 28 people from the vulnerable indigenous Dumagat tribe were affected. The latest assessment of PRC, through its Rizal Chapter, traced the contamination from water sources, including springs, boreholes, and surface water.

PRC Chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Richard J. Gordon directed PRC volunteers and staff to provide the appropriate assistance.

“Ang PRC (Philippine Red Cross) ay mayroong water, sanitation, and hygiene services na palaging handang magpaabot ng clean and potable water sa ating mga kababayan sa kasagsagan ng mga ganitong health emergency,” Gordon said.

Communities with limited access to sanitary facilities are vulnerable to diarrheal disease.

PRC immediately provided health and hygiene promotion to 119 individuals and installed Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials.

The country’s foremost humanitarian organization also provided psychosocial support to 57 persons and delivered food items and face masks to 63 individuals in Sitio Nayon and patients confined in the hydration center.

On October 11, health authorities of Tanay, Rizal announced that diarrhea cases in the Dumagat community had already declined. PRC, however, will continue to monitor the situation and provide support as needed.

PRC has continuously assisted people affected by diarrhea. From September 21 to October 14, PRC deployed 470,000 liters of water through a water bladder, and water tanker to Cabuyao City Jail after several persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) suffered from diarrhea from contaminated water.