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People Recall The Most Disturbing, Unexplainable Events Of Their Lives

December 1, 2022 People's Tonight 395 views

Bailey Brown

Supernatural hauntings, poltergeists, doppelgänger legends, angel stories, and glitches in the Matrix all fall under the category of unexplainable circumstances that occur more commonly than most people might expect. Even with the myriad of horror movies based on true events – such as The Amityville Horror or The Exorcism of Emily Rose – spooky tales are still surprising when they happen to seemingly ordinary people on the internet.

There is no shortage of disturbing true stories on Reddit, and users who suffer sleep paralysis and visits from beyond the grave readily share their unexplained experiences with the implied hope of stumbling upon explanations for their strange encounters or connecting with others who have also witnessed events that defy rationale.


A Ghostly Relative Showed Up At Their Door

From Redditor /u/Ladyluja:

Not me, but my father:

When he was about 15, he was playing cards and listening to the radio in the living room of his mom’s house. There’s a knock on the door, and he opens it to see his grandfather stumbled over the porch railing, clearly drunk. This is common, Grandpa would get drunk and stumble over, looking for something to eat. “Mom, your dad’s here!”

He went back to playing cards. His mom finishes washing dishes and is wiping her hands on a towel as she looks both ways on her porch. “Who did you say was here?” “Your dad.” “There’s no one outside… Are you sure?”

“Yes, he was there a minute ago. He must have left.” She shuts the door and goes back to the kitchen.

About a minute later, she gets a call telling her her phone number was found in the wallet of a [body found] near the train tracks in Kentucky. They describe the man and what he was carrying, and she gasps and asks again, “Who did you say was here?”

[His body was found] a state over; [he had suffered] alcohol poisoning and severe dehydration.

My dad always says, “I don’t believe in ghosts… But I believe in something.”

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Their Infant Brother Kept Hearing An ‘Icky Noise’

From Redditor /u/EthanEpiale:

My childhood home was massively haunted. A lot of the haunting happened during the day, but here’s the one that panicked me the most:

I was alone watching my brother. I was around 18, he was two or three; he barely talking yet. We were in his playroom, a really brightly lit area downstairs, playing with blocks or something when he suddenly goes from giggling and running around to just… frozen, starring at the entryway into the room.

I ask him what’s up, and he just points to our staircase and says, “Icky noise.” He’d been pointing and saying that he was freaked out randomly for a while now, and I figured it was gonna be another time showing him nothing is there, but I finally take a good look at the stairs, and there’s something there.

Our staircase was mostly surrounded by walls, so I hadn’t noticed at first due to shadow, but I could see, crouched on the step just below where the wall cut off, this pitch-black shape of a person. It was literally a slightly fuzzy silhouette of a person made of just pure black, clearly looking at us between the handrailing. It took a step further down toward us, still crouched holding the rails, before my brain processed that I was actually seeing it.

I screamed (because what other response are you really gonna have to that?), grabbed my brother, and [left] the house. We ended up sitting in the backyard playing with my sister’s dog while I called my mom and waited for her to get home.

Sightings of that thing only got worse before we moved out. When my brother was a bit older, he was able to explain he called it “icky noise” because whenever it showed up, he could hear this really gross, scary, gurgling whispering. I never heard it make noise, but I definitely saw it several times, and it got rid of my idea that daytime was automatically safe real fast.

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Their Brother Came To Reassure Them He Was Okay

From Redditor /u/davewtameloncamp:

Taking an afternoon nap after a short morning shift at work. I hardly ever nap, but I had plans to go out for late dinner with my girlfriend so I wanted to rest up.

I laid down on the couch. It was absolutely silent in my apartment. My ears started ringing, louder and louder, nearly giving me a headache. It was keeping me from falling asleep, so I sat up and looked for the TV remote for some background noise. Got the remote, aimed it at the TV. Sitting on the floor in front of the TV, with his back to me, is my brother, Lee. Startled, I jumped up and said, “Hey, when’d you sneak in?!”

He doesn’t move. I get a very strange feeling, goosebumps over my entire body, chills; I feel like I’m going to throw up instantly. Without moving at all, I hear him say, “Everything is cool, man.

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”

I’m confused as hell right now, and for some reason, I’m going to vomit my guts up. I run to the bathroom to puke. Dry heave for about 30 seconds. Go back out, and Lee is gone. I start yelling,

“Hey, where’d you go??” No sign of him.

I call him. No answer. Text him. Waiting for response. I lay back down, but no way I’m sleeping. I feel 100% better suddenly. I decide to go clean my car out so my girlfriend doesn’t have to sit on McDonald’s bags. Phone buzzes. It’s my mom. Lee has been in a bad car accident a few hours ago. He’s at the hospital now. He [passes] in the emergency room.

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Their Uncle Recieved A Phone Call From A Deceased Friend

From Redditor/u/leinadys:

A few years ago, my uncle woke up at around two in the morning because of the ringing of a telephone beside his bed. He picked it up, and it was his friend. His friend was asking how my uncle was and such.

After a brief conversation, his friend said that he was peaceful where he is, things felt great, and that he’s happy. My uncle was glad to hear that and said goodbye.

As he put down the telephone, my uncle woke up and realized that he was dreaming. The next day, he heard news about his friend being [slain] by an intruder in his house at around 1 am.

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