Pentagon researched invisibility cloaks inspired by Marvel’s Invisible Woman, secret docs reveal

April 12, 2022 People's Tonight 408 views

Emma Parry
8:30 ET, Apr 8 2022

THE PENTAGON commissioned research into invisibility cloaks inspired by Fantastic Four character the Invisible Woman, a secret Pentagon document reveals.

The real-life X-Files report, one of hundreds obtained by The Sun from the spy arm of the US Department of Defence under the Freedom of Information Act, looks into how people or objects can be made invisible.

Jessica1Jessica Alba played the Marvel superhero in the 2005 Fantastic Four film and its 2008 sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer

MarvelsA picture of Marvel’s the Invisible woman was included in the file 

Marvels1The DIA state they took inspiration from two fictional characters The Invisible Man and The Invisible woman 

Using Fantastic Four comic book character Susan Storm as “inspiration”, the report, from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) examines how to achieve invisibility using cloaking devices.

The scientific study states it also takes further inspiration from HG Wells’ famous book The Invisible Man.

There are three ways to achieve invisibility, according to the file, “camouflage, transparency and cloaking”.

It also looks into hyperspace – a science fiction concept used in Star Wars relating to higher dimensions and faster than light travel.

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“Hyperspace is not out of this world; it can be built, and it turns out to be practically useful for invisibility,” the study says.

The report, from 2009/ 2010 concludes that it could only take one or two years until invisibility devices are finished and they will probably be made using “liquid crystals”.

It adds that invisibility cloaks would be “rigid shells” as “flexible like wearable invisibility cloaks poses a significant challenge”.

The invisibility study was one of 52 reports and 1,574 pages of explosive documents released by the Defense Intelligence Agency to The Sun after a four year long Freedom of Information battle.

The invisibility study was carried out by Bigelow Aerospace who were paid $12 million to investigate “advanced aerospace weapon systems” for the DIA.

In a review of the invisibility report, included in the files, the DIA states: “This topic still evokes misunderstandings and confusion. That is not surprising; the concept of invisibility (although not its technical implementation) has been preoccupying people for centuries if not millennia.

“[REDACTED] report does an excellent job of clearing some of this confusion and providing clear definitions of what constitutes true cloaking/ invisibility.

“It also honestly discusses technical challenges to making a practical invisibility cloak.”


The report was released after The Sun requested a copy of all “files, reports or video files” related to the Pentagon’s secretive UFO programme – the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) on December 18, 2017 – under the Freedom of Information Act.

The bombshell FOIA haul includes reports on the DIA’s research into the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans – including burns, heart problems, sleep disturbances – and even bizarre occurrences such as “apparent abduction” and “unaccounted for pregnancy”.

One document sets out how to categorise “anomolous behaviour” – with encounters with “ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves and other mythical/ legendary entities” classed as “AN3” and seeing a UFO with aliens on board would be “CE3”.

Other documents obtained include studies into communicating with alien civilisations and plans for deep space exploration and colonization.

AATIP was a secretive Pentagon programme that ran between 2007 and 2012 to study UFOs.

It was outed by whistleblower Luis Elizondo, who headed up the programme, back in 2017.

Two bombshell videos of unexplained UFO sightings by US military personnel – investigated by AATIP – were also published at the time.

DIALetter from the DIA stating it was releasing 1,574 pages of documents to The Sun

PentagonThe Sun made the Freedom of Information request to find out more about the Pentagon’s secretive UFO programme 

DIA1The Sun has obtained 1,574 pages of secret files from the Defense Intelligence Agency