-Foot-Tall ‘Bigfoot’ Startles Teens on Oregon Forest Trail

April 12, 2022 People's Tonight 352 views

Posted: 06 Apr 2022 07:26 PM PDT

Bigfoot1Two teen boys are walking the trail between their homes, in the thick forest of southern Oregon during a summer night. They encounter a 7-foot-tall hairy man-shaped being standing on the trail.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“I have lived in remote wooded areas all my life. I am 35 now and employed as a deputy sheriff.

The first time I ever felt this scared overwhelming feeling was when I was about 14 years old. My parents owned a 1-acre parcel of land in southern Oregon and behind us was another undeveloped parcel of land that butted up against a paved road. Of course, my friends lived behind me, so built a trail across the property to the road.

We swept the ground of all dry leaves and pine needles to bare soil. I could walk that trail blind folded if I had to when I was younger. It also helped that if you stepped off the trail the leaves crunched.

Anyway, me and my friend were walking back to my house at around 10PM on a summer night. As I neared the end of the paved road, where the trail began, I started to feel very afraid. I had never felt this way before. So afraid I felt like turning to run.

I stopped at the edge of the road and looked down into the woods. It was very dark on this particular night. About 30 feet down the trail, I could make out the outline of something right in the middle of the trail. There were lights behind the object from the house next to mine, but very far away so they didn’t help much.

I asked my friend if he saw it and he said he did. We stood still, whispering for several minutes about what to do. We both agreed we made this trail and knew there should be nothing in the middle of it. It appeared to be an old stump about seven feet tall. It was kind of hard to judge the height because it was lower downhill than we were.

We started joking around a bit trying to feel better about it. I told my friend to throw rocks at it and see what happens. He tossed a few rocks, missing but it did not move.

I heard a car coming from behind us and the headlights were shining into the trees because the trail was on a corner of the roadway. As the car passed the lights shined into the trees for a very brief moment. The lights hit the object in the trail perfectly. We saw something standing in the trail looking at us. It was shaped like a man, not an animal. It was covered in brown and black hair from head to feet. I could not see its face because the lights passed to fast. It was almost like cousin ‘It’ from the Addams Family, but with really nasty hair.

Me and my friend never said a word, we just turned and ran at the same time. I stayed on the paved road and ran home about 2 miles without stopping. I probably could have won a medal if someone timed me on that run. The entire time I felt the fear behind me as if I was being chased, but I never looked back.

The next day we checked the area in the light and there was nothing there. No tracks, no hair. We never talked about it again. I thought back on it several times and I positive that it was a Bigfoot.

That feeling of fear was real and instinctual.

I have still gone out in the woods several times and have felt that same fear feeling on a handful of occasions, but nothing came of them.” DW

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