Not the size, stupid!

May 23, 2022 People's Tonight 321 views


We hate to brag, but the twin publications of the Journal Group, Davids among industry Goliaths, played major roles in providing the public a complete picture of the just recently concluded electoral battle for the highest offices in the land.

Given the avalanche disinformation and pollical propaganda unleashed through multimedia, mostly targeted against the Uniteam tandem presidential candidate Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr and vice presidential candidate Sara Duterte the twin tabloids of the PJI Group mobilized its human and technological resources to provide the public a fairer coverage of the bruising, all-or-nothing campaign, tipped in favor of the other team in nearly all mainstream and online media outlets.

It was not a political campaign, to be honest about it.

It was one massive, systematic demolition job to stop the Uniteam on its tracks and let the other side win.

All the dirty, underhanded tactics, all the shaming, all the tainting, fabrications, and outright myths were unleashed by an obviously biased multimedia outlets with one common agenda portray Marcos and Duterte as the evil twins out to plunge the country into darkness while they rule with iron hands and enslave the people.

The playbook painted the duo as being cut from the same “authoritarian cloth” referring to the “authoritarian” legacies of their respective fathers.

Both outgoing President Duterte and the late former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. were strong, decisive, uncompromising chief executives who believed public order and safety were foremost in the order of government priorities.

Both believed progress and the quality of life of the people can be achieved if social order and national security were firmly in place.

But isn’t this the goal of all national leaders?

But the younger Marcos and Duterte have their own grand visions for the country which they articulated in their campaigns, and they were distinctly their own.

They sought to enlighten the people about their own message, their own reading for the future of the country from peace, stability, unity food security, world-class education, public health services and programs, job generation and livelihood development, industrial and technological development, infrastructure and transportation modernization, etc. the whole package of government led innovation.

All these while patiently, painstakingly promoting national unity and peace even as the other side stuck to partisan attacks, propagating hatred and division, and extinguishing national pride and dignity.

But peace, progress, and unity resonated with their universal appeal to the people tired of the hatred and the division in society.

The small but courageous tabloids People’s Journal and People’s Journal Tonight painstakingly, tirelessly carried the good news and the tandem who promised to deliver them once then people handed them the mandate to lead.

And the people heard them loud and clear, translating into a monster electoral landslide for the Uniteam on May 9.

Not but for two small newspapers largely derided by its industry peers.

It’s not the size, stupid!