Massive ‘Talking’ Bird? Bizarre Encounter in Essex, United Kingdom

May 24, 2022 People's Tonight 225 views

Posted: 21 May 2022 10:38 AM PDT

Bird1A woman in Essex, UK is alarmed by the neighbor screaming that a massive bird was seen near her young son while in the yard. Her son stated that the ‘big bird’ was his friend.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“I think a lot more people have experiences, but they don’t say anything. I know I had a strange experience in the woods once as a child. My son, when he was small, would talk about a bird talking to him, and said it was his friend. The big bird would talk to him, but he couldn’t tell me what it said to him because it was between him and ‘Big Bird.’ I thought maybe he meant ‘Big Bird’ on Sesame Street, or that he had an imaginary friend.

He was outside and I went in to grab a cup of coffee. Suddenly I heard something flying and then I thought about my son always talking about the big bird. I grab my coffee and just as I was heading out the door my neighbor is screaming and frantically running toward me, and I’m yelling, ‘What’s wrong?’ She was screaming and hollering bloody murder. I sat my cup down and she’s running to where my son was playing before I went in to get coffee. The way she was screaming, with hands waving back and forth over her head, I jumped off the porch and beat her there.

My son was just standing there looking at us. She was so winded she doubled over with her hands on her knees to catch her breath. When she finally gained control I asked her what on earth is wrong. I thought my son was hurt. She said there was a bird that was so big it towered over my son, and she was screaming because it was so big that she thought it was going to carry him off. She said she was screaming to distract it because she’d never seen a bird that massive in her life. As scared as she was, I knew she wasn’t lying.

She said that it wasn’t an eagle. This was a bird she never seen in any books. It was intelligent too because she said it looked right at her and wasn’t phased, then looked back at my son, and then it flew off. She wasn’t the type to be phased or overreact about anything. It had scared her to death. She was shaking all over and had such an adrenaline rush so fast It took her a long time to even stand up. She also said she never saw a bird with a body that huge and a wing span that big.

After that, I was in the kitchen, but my son was in the house. I heard it fly over because its wings made a loud swishing sound. My son hollered, ‘Big bird’s here!’ He went to run out and I caught him and told him we are not having a scare like that again today. I believe there are strange things that take more than a generalized explanation.” Iris, Essex, UK

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