Miracle Miracle Health Corporation CEO Doc Joey Betito listens as Myrna Marchan narrates how her husband Rogelio, 75, regained his health after taking Miracle 4 which includes Miracle C, Mega A, Multi 15, Mega One.

Lolo with prostate ailment, gall stones, kidney cyst regains health after taking Miracle 4

September 8, 2022 People's Tonight 370 views

ROGELIO Marchan, 75, from San Vicente, Sorsogon, suffered from a prostate ailment, gall bladder stones and a cyst in the kidney.

In order to remove the cyst, he would have to undergo surgery.

His wife, Myrna Marchan, 70, said Rogelio consulted with Doc Joey Betito, Miracle Health Corporation CEO, and the patient started taking Amazing 4 on March 10.

“Amazing 4 includes Miracle C, Mega A, Multi 15, Mega One and all are approved by FDA and imported from the United States,” said Doc Joey.

Rogelio started taking Amazing 4 four times a day taken with eight ounces of lukewarm watee. After one month, he became stronger. He started taking Amazing 4 thrice a day.

After three months, ultrasound tests showed clear results. He started taking Amazing 4 twice a day. After a month, he was on Miracle 4 as maintenance supplement.

“Maraming natutulungan ang Amazing 4. Ngayon ay tutulungan namin kayo financially bilang distributor. Ang inyong kita ay ipapasok sa PSBank kung saan kami ay may tieup.

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