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Happy birthday Vice Consul Paolo Mapula!

October 28, 2022 Tess Lapuz-Lardizabal 695 views
Pinoy cuisine royal couple and Tito Rad’s owners Mario ‘Boyet’ Albenio and Susan ‘Toti’ Albenio.

Tess LardizabalA GENTEEL man is born, not made.

In this digital age made more difficult by chaos and disputes, he stands out as a rare breed. For he and his flock go about their lives with focused dignity, eager to touch others with their positivity and spirit of good friendship.

Thus, if you find yourself crossing paths with such a rare soul, consider yourself blessed. For you are in the company of champs.

Recently, one such Pinoy in New York marked his milestone and turned another year wiser. Helping him commemorate his special occasion were cherished loved ones and friends who shared his same passions for life, family and career.

Vice Consul Paolo Mapula marked his birthday with an intimate gathering attended by friends and New York work buddies at Tito Rad’s Grill located on 49-10 Queens Boulevard, Nw York.

Well-wishers included Pinoy cuisine royalty and Tito Rad’s owners Mario Albenio, fondly called Boyet, and his wife Susan Albenio, who is lovingly addressed by highly satisfied patrons and chums as Toti.

Helping gather the souls who shared a common love for Vice Consul Mapula was Edynne Loquellano, another genteel personality. Her effervescence made the occasion merrier and truly memorable for the celebrant and the guests.

Complementing the awesome crowd were Tito Rad’s trademark mouth-watering Pinoy feast which has long been a byword for excellence among Fil-Ams and New Yorkers.

For Vice Consul Paolo Mapula, this corner reecho’s everyone’s birthday (albeit now belated) wishes for you: May you continue to be surrounded by loving friends and family and may you go on enjoying good health.

May you remain to be blessed with wisdom and happiness to pursue your goals.

Like your name which means humble, may your humility continue to make a bright difference in other’s lives as well as bring you to greater and unprecedented heights.


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