Bad Eggs

DU30’s last lap

June 30, 2021 People's Tonight 320 views

AMID the paralyzing COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 24,000 Filipinos, President Rodrigo R. Duterte completes today, June 30, the first five years of his six-year administration.

With just a year left in the DU30 regime, the people, including the ordinary citizens, are still hopeful of attaining the goal of living generational poverty and drawing the poor into the social mainstream.

There are programs, measures and initiatives designed to enhance the living conditions of the people, particularly the poorest of the poor across the country.

Under the 1987 Constitution, which was crafted during the incumbency of the late President Corazon “Cory” C. Aquino, the Duterte administration ends at 12 noon on June 30 next year.

The fundamental law of the land prohibits the incumbent Philippine president from seeking reelection.

When he assumed the presidency in 2016, the tough-talking Chief Executive from Mindanao vowed to address the problems of illegal drugs, graft and corruption, and criminality.

And everybody agrees that concerned government authorities, national and local, tried their best to wipe out criminality, the drug menace and corruption in state offices and agencies.

But unfortunately, the problems still worry the government and the Filipino people.

That’s why President Duterte is expected to hit hard at these unscrupulous Filipinos – drug pushers/users, corrupt public servants and criminals – during the last lap of his administration.

Naniniwala tayo na may panahon pa para mapakulong ang mga tulak ng droga, magnanakaw sa gobyerno at iba pang kriminal na nagpapahirap sa taum