DBM chief gets ‘Woman of Substance’ award

March 31, 2023 People's Tonight 274 views

DEPARTMENT of Budget and Management (DBM) Secretary Amenah Pangandaman has been chosen as the recipient of the Rising Tigers “Woman of Substance” award.

Pangandaman was conferred the honor at the Rising Tigers Magazine’s Beyond Leadership awards night Thursday at the Manila Hotel with Budget Undersecretary Goddes Hope Libiran receiving the recognition on her behalf.

The award is given to women who have made a difference for the current generation by creating an impact in their work and alleviating the plight of the disadvantaged.

Libiran said Pangandaman has been committed to ensure the prudent and transparent use of public funds for the country to “regain lost ground” while uplifting the lives of Filipinos.

Libiran praised the DBM Secretary for her unparalleled experience in economics, public financial management and policy governance, which make her deserving of such title.

“Una, siya po ‘yung tao na kung tutuusin, hindi na kailangang magpaka-kuba sa trabaho para lang mabuhay (first, she is the kind of person who does not need to work hard to live). She has royal blood running in her veins. She is a Maranao princess, to be precise. But she still chose to become a public servant out of her love of country. She dreams of a better Philippines,” she said.

Libiran added Pangandaman is an empathic leader who is well loved by her peers and subordinates.

“More than her credentials, what we love about her is that she nurtures her people above all. She truly cares. Sec. Mina continues to rise by lifting others up. And she does it with sincerity, humility, and kindness, with the purest intention of helping empower the people around her,” she said.

The award conferred by Rising Tigers Magazine is part of the celebration of its anniversary issue, “Top 50 Rising Tigers -Beyond Leadership,” in June 2023.

Rising Tigers Magazine is currently the most distributed magazine available in National Bookstores nationwide. Philippine News Agency