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DAR, DENR improve land admin in Cagayan Valley

June 6, 2023 Cory Martinez 175 views

THE Department of Agrarian Reform Region (DAR) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) joined forces to improve efficiency in land administration and survey processes in the Cagayan Valley Region.

Atty. Raul C. Laluan, DAR Assistant Regional Director for Operations, said that the joint Inspection, Verification, and Approval of Surveys (IVAS) consultation was conducted since it is very important to have a collaborative effort with other agencies.

“By working together, we can enhance the efficiency of our processes and ensure that land survey activities are conducted meticulously. This will have a direct positive impact on our agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs) and contribute to the sustainable development of our nation,” Laluan said.

Gwendolyn Bambalan, DENR Regional Executive Director, on the other hand, expressed her appreciation for DAR’s commitment to improving the land administration system.

“The joint efforts of DAR and DENR demonstrate our shared dedication to upholding the integrity of land surveys. We are committed to ensuring that the rights of individuals are protected and that land resources are managed properly,” she said.

Both agencies committed to continued cooperation, not only in the inspection, verification, and approval of surveys but also in broader initiatives aimed at advancing land reform and sustainable land management practices.

The consultation meeting primarily aims to foster open communication and strengthen the collaboration among the DAR and DENR officials and aims to streamline procedures and ensure the accuracy and reliability of land surveys.

The consultation also focused on the issues and challenges faced by both agencies in the inspection, verification, and approval processes.

During the consultation meeting, participants engaged in “fruitful discussions, sharing insights and experiences” to identify areas for improvement in the survey process. They explored strategies to expedite the inspection and verification of surveys while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

The collaboration intends to come up with clearer guidelines and streamlined procedures to benefit both agencies and the communities they serve.

The DAR, as the government agency responsible for agrarian reform and the equitable distribution of agricultural lands, recognizes the critical role of accurate surveys in implementing land reform programs effectively.

The DENR, as a partner agency, oversees land management and environmental conservation and is instrumental in enhancing the overall land administration system and protecting the rights of agrarian reform beneficiaries.