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DA urges public to buy local rice products

November 18, 2022 Cory Martinez 184 views

PATRONIZE locally-produced rice and rice-based products as a support to rice farmers.

This is the appeal of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to the consumers during the recent opening of the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) Exhibit. The NRAM’s official theme until 2028 is “Be RICEponsible” advocacy.

DA Assistant Secretary for Operations Arnel De Mesa stressed that to be responsible consumers, and everyone should start with the new “A Ba Ka Da” movement.

“A” stands for “Adlay, mais, saba, atbp. ay ihalo sa kanin (Mix rice with other staples such as adlai, saba, corn, etc.)” and “B” is for “Brown Rice ay kainin (Switch to brown or unpolished rice).” “K” translated to “Kanin ay huwag ay sayangin (Stop wasting rice),” while “D” is “Dapat bigas ng Pilipinas ang bilhin (Support and buy local).”

For the DA Operations, De Mesa said that it continues to exert efforts to increase the farm productivity and income of rice farmers through the help of various DA agencies, partner Government Financial Institutions, and other concerned agencies.

He reported that the DA continuously provides high-quality inbred and hybrid rice and fertilizer support for rice farmers nationwide and other interventions.

“We encourage everyone to be RICEponsible by not wasting rice, by eating brown rice and rice mixed with other staples, and by supporting locally-produced rice,” De Mesa added.

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 524 Series of 2004, NRAM is observed every November to raise public awareness of rice, combat malnutrition and poverty, support local farmers, and attain rice self-sufficiency, among others.