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Carlos extols over 20K PNP advisers

November 27, 2021 Alfred P. Dalizon 217 views

PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief, General Dionardo B. Carlos this week extolled over 20,000 police advisers across the country for their dedication in helping the 222,000-strong force become a more efficient, credible and effective organization at par with world-class police forces abroad.

“We give due recognition to the National Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development (NAGPTD) and the members of the PNP Advisory Groups who, by choosing to become advisers and partners of the PNP, play a very crucial role in the successful implementation of the PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030,” the top cop said.

Carlos also cited the PNP advisers for ensuring that their programs will be aligned with the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 of President Rodrigo Duterte particularly in ensuring security, public order and safety, anchored on inclusive growth, a high-trust society and a globally-competitive knowledge economy.

He issued his congratulatory message to the police advisers at the conclusion of the 7th National Advisory Council Summit virtual convention at Camp Crame on Wednesday.

Top PNP and National Police Commission officials and different PNP stakeholders attended the online summit, with the theme “Sustaining PNP Transformation: Championing Positive Change and Values Creation Through Enhanced Community Partnership.”

Carlos was the guest of honor and speaker at the end of the summit and fully acknowledged the more than 20,000 PNP advisers composed of sectoral leaders and highly accomplished individuals known for their integrity, probity and leadership who have been devoting their time to serve as the strategy execution partners of the PNP.

The PNP chief said that their advisory groups have been providing valuable guidance, innovative ideas and perspectives, and have been continuously serving as an important watchdog in ensuring transparency and accountability in the PNP since Day 1 of the Transformation journey of the country’s premier police agency.

“Our collective dedication and focus enabled us to pass the Initiation, Compliance, and Proficiency stages resulting in the cascading of strategies and initiatives and the crucial downloading of resources down to our field level units and police stations where it mattered most – at the frontlines where quality police service is most needed by the Filipino people,” he said.

Carlos also expressed that as the PNP pursues the next level of ascent towards the “Institutionalization Status,” the 4th and final stage of the Performance Governance System pathway and the hallmark of institutionalization, they are confident that the right steps had already been made towards the right direction.

“This is only the beginning. With God’s guidance and blessing and through the enhanced community partnership, we will be able to create a more capable, credible, and effective PNP, a safer community to live, work, and do business and an inclusive environment or society where laws and rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled which are necessary for the attainment of true peace and sustainable development for all,” he said.

The two-day summit became an avenue for the organization’s stakeholder partners to raise relevant concerns and issues, promote and advocate anew the PNP to the community and showcase model partnerships for replication.