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Barangay in Pasig ready for calamity

June 11, 2023 Arlene Rivera 203 views

A BARANGAY in Pasig expressed its readiness to address any calamity or disaster in the community following the call of the national government for a more intensified level of earthquake preparedness nationwide especially in the grassroot level.

Barangay San Antonio (BSA) Pasig City, a recipient of the Galing Pook Awards for the Outstanding Local Governance Programs in Disaster Preparedness and Management, always prioritizes its residents’ safety, especially amid trying times, Barangay Chairman Raymond U. Lising said.

“Earthquake, flood, and other disasters may be inevitable, but losing lives and properties to those is not. Prevention will always be better than cure—totoo ‘yan. We don’t want to risk our residents’ safety, homes, and resources. That’s why we take preparedness to heart and remain vigilant 24/7, all-year round,” Lising said.

The BSA Council has various programs when it comes to calamity preparedness such as earthquake, building inspections and drills are being conducted in every building.