Asha sets sights on Miss World Philippines crown

June 2, 2021 Theodore P. Jurado 1376 views

STUNNER Asha Gutierrez is excited to represent Taguig in the Miss World Philippines pageant later this year.

“It is a great honor to represent Taguig as a candidate in Miss World Philippines,” said the 26-year-old Asha, a resident of Fort Bonifacio. “I am proud to represent my city and its history as a probinsyudad, as well as its holistic approach to caring for the people living and working in Taguig.”

“Some of my best memories being part of Taguig is having the opportunity to work for the City and having a second family who taught and helped me empower not only myself as a woman but also others.” Asha is a public servant, helping the Public Information Office of Taguig City as a consultant.

Asha will join the Miss World Philippines pageant for a second time. She decided to reenter the tilt because she identified with its “beauty with a purpose” slogan. Asha brings a strong portfolio into this year’s competition. She graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Literature, and recently finished a specialized course in Literature at Oxford University. She is a partner at TechShake, a media company that features the movers of the startup scene in Southeast Asia and organizes IGNITE, the Philippine Premier Innovation Conference. She is an entrepreneur, looking to launch very soon a digital healthcare platform that would be accessible to Filipinos. Also for publication this year is a book she authored tackling ecofeminism.

For future updates about Asha, you can follow her @Asha.Gutierrez on Facebook and Instagram.